Internet TV to be Used by Malaysian Government

A new internet video service has been introduced by the Malaysian government that will assist it in communicating news, information and other updates to the public within the country. 1MalaysiaIPTV – The IPTV internet channel – is able to be looked at online from a PC or mobile device, whilst apps for iOS (iPod Touch, iPad, [...]

Netflix UK Inks Deal with Miramax

According the Guardian Netflix has inked a deal with Miramax films to exclusively stream films such as Pulp Fiction, Shakespeare In Love,  Gangs of New York and No Country For Old Men alongside some other dubious treats such as In Bed with Madonna and Godzilla vs. Biollante. Content deals like this are as much about [...]

Head in the Clouds? AeroFS Looking to Challenge File Sync Market

Are you getting the file sync capability you want? Worried from time to time about the costs for how much data you can sync? New kid on the block Air Computing Inc is looking to make a radical change to cloud-based file syncing through its AeroFS where you don't have to use a central server that [...]

HP Nixes the TouchPad and Its webOS-powered Smartphones

Wow, the just announced news that HP plans on discontinuing its TouchPad and WebOS smartphones products is causing quite a ripple in the technosphere at the moment. People don't know what to make of the announcement. A platform that had so much promise and was intent on competing with the big boys with a truly [...]

What’s Grid 10 from Fusion Garage?

For everyone who thought Fusion Garage was dead after their JooJoo bomb, it's not. The company is prepping the release of a new tablet tentatively called Grid 10. How do we know this? Thanks to the FCC and site's like Liliputing and This Is My Next. It's unclear what OS this device will run, but [...]

MSI Updates Its Wind Box Line of PCs with AMD E-350 APU and Intel Core Processors

Intel Atom Chips with NVIDIA graphics were nice, maybe for the last two years, but now MSI is taking things up a notch performance-wise with their line of Wind Box nettops. The company has redesigned the product offering and is expanding the consumer base by offering three models to suite people's needs: 1-liter Wind Box DC100 [...]

AirFlick Takes a Cue from ‘Play To’

TUAW's Erica Sadun is up to her AirPlay hacking again. She now has a new Mac OS X app called AirFlick that zaps media content on your computer to an Apple TV for playback (requires that the format be supported by the device). As you'll see in the video demo below, AirFlick works similar to [...]

$249 Creative ZiiO 7-inch Android Tablet Now Available

I think a few of us got a little excited to learn that Barnes & Noble's $ 249 NOOKcolor eReader will eventually be receiving an update that would make the device a full-blown Android tablet. Well, today Android fans now have a real option in the same price range-- and with slightly better specs. Creative [...]