Microsoft Is Taking IPTV Serious on the Xbox As Evidence by Its New Media Remote

Besides the new, slim Bluetooth headset you may have seen on some of the gadget and gaming sites this week, Microsoft also unveiled a new Xbox 360 Media Remote. It, of course, has buttons the mimic the A, B, X, Y buttons and D-pad navigation of the controller, but it also provides TV remote functionality [...]

Roku 2 Gets 1080p HD Netflix Streams, Previous Models Won’t

With all the excitement around Roku's latest Roku 2 players, which features 1080p Netflix streaming with Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 pass-through audio, it turns out there was a small bit of disappointing news that didn't make the headlines. According to Roku's Director of Product Management, "these new encodings will not be supported on previous generation Roku [...]

Behold Sonos’ New Play:3 Speaker

We got a sneak peek of the Play:3 last week (courtesy of Amazon) and the product became official just a couple days later. Now Sonos has pumped up their marketing arm and produced the following showcase video of the $299 Play:3 speaker. One thing that we didn't know earlier is that the Play:3 can be [...]

Roku’s New 3-inch Media Streamer with Gaming Capabilities Is Here!

Wow, we all knew it was coming, but I don't think many expected Roku's new set of media streamers to be as small or as powerful as they are. Roku's lastest media streamer is 3-inches wide (the 2nd gen. Apple TV is 3.9-inches) and now boasts that ability to play games on-screen using its fancy [...]

DLNA Certified HDTVs Are on Their Way to Becoming Mainstream – Q1 2011 Brings 1,000 More Certified Models

DLNA has got a lot to celebrate. The consortium now boast 4,000 DLNA certified HDTVs, 1,000 of which were just added in the early part of this year. For those unfamiliar, DLNA certification on your CE devices means you'll be able to stream music, photo, and video content to and from other DLNA certified devices [...]

AMEX DIGITAL Unveils the MP-G7 Media Gate Google ANDROID TV Media Player

We knew Android TV media players were eventually going to hit our shores (related). Now, AMEX DIGITAL is introducing a model that I believe is the best we've seen to date. Unfortunately, though, best also means they're about $50 more than the models we saw in China. The $199 MP-G7 runs Android OS, sports a dual-core [...]

Sneak Peek: Sonos S3 / Play:3 (Courtesy of Amazon)

It looks like we're days away from the official unveiling of Sonos' new, all-in-one wireless speaker. The S3 or Play:3 (model: PLAY3US1BLK) as it may be called will retail for $299 and give users the ability to add additional speakers as needed to create a multi-room audio experience of their making. The speaker can be [...]

Orb Live for iPhone Released, Brings PlayOn Style Entertainment to Your Phone without Fees

If you remember back in November 2010, the folks at Orb decided to get into the hardware biz and released Orb TV, a $99 TV adapter that streamed media from your home PC running the company's Orb Caster software. Well, now Orb is out with Orb Live [iTunes - different than the free version], an app for [...]