ARCHOS Unveils G9 Series 1.5Ghz Dual-core Android Tablets with Up to 250GB of Storage

Got to hand it to ARCHOS for trying and successfully differentiating themselves from the pack. ARCHOS just unveiled two new tablets — the 8-inch (4:3) ARCHOS 80 G9 and 10.1-inch (16:10) ARCHOS 101 G9 -- that offers the fastest processor, the highest storage capacity, and the most capable graphics (full 1080p H.264 video playback) out of any tablet [...]

Consumers Want iPads, Not Tablets?

"Wall Street’s premier sell-side research firm," Bernstein Research, has pretty much concluded that consumers want iPads from Apple, not tablets. Reason being, 50% of U.S. and U.K. respondents (sample size: 200) said their next tablet will be an Apple branded product. What's more, respondents polled said they also prefer iPad's 10-inch screen (actually 4:3 and [...]

iOS 5 Brings Dual-screen Gaming to the iPad via Apple TV

You may have seen Nintendo's big announcement at E3 2011. The company unveiled a new tablet controller as part of its new Wii U console that adds an extra dimension to typical game play (see below). Well, it turns out that iOS game developers can now do similar — though not exact — things with [...]

VIZIO’s 8-inch Android Tablet to Launch Summer 2011 for $349

Apparently VIZIO is really close to launching their new Android tablet that they gave everyone a glimpse of at CES 2011. The tablet is popping up in a video by NBA player Blake Griffin, is getting coverage by Scobleizer, and is being prepped for sale at Walmart. The two attached videos should get you up [...]

Motorola Televation to Bring Secure, Set-top Box Free Television Streams to Android, iOS, Smart TVs and other IP Devices over Wi-Fi

Someone pinch me. Motorola is announcing a new kind of CableCARD TV tuner that providers can leverage to offer customers additional/legal ways to receive television to their varied devices via IP. Motorola says they already have SDKs available for both Android and iOS that providers can use to create custom apps to enable subscribers to navigate, [...]

HP Shows Why Its TouchPad Tablet is Different (and Better) Than the Competition

Right now HP needs all the help it can get in letting the public know it's serious about the tablet space. As such, we're willing to give a helping hand. For the most part it seems many are excited by the possibility of what webOS on the TouchPad can bring. It's an open development platform, it offers [...]

iOS 5 Brings Display Mirroring to Apple TV via the iPad 2

Ever wish you could wireless display what's on your iPad to your HDTV? Well, now you can! Apple has just added a "mirroring" feature to AirPlay's control panel in iOS 5, which, like the term describes, duplicates what's displaying on your iPad through your apple TV (2nd gen.) to a connected HDTV. The mirroring function [...]

Samsung’s New Smart View Android App Lets You Mirror TV to Smartphone and More

Wow, Samsung is on a tear with their Smart TV platform. They recently hit 5 million TV app downloads worldwide in less than 15 months and have now just launched a pretty innovative new Android app that sets Samsung even further apart from the competition. Called Smart View, the new Samsung Smart TV app allows [...]