Spotify: U.S. Will Get the Rolls Royce Version at Launch

Some marketing slides have leaked — now in the hands of AllThingsD — that detail how Spotify plans to take over the U.S. market. For one, Spotify makes clear that "nobody does free, on-demand, radio, MP3 retail, Facebook and iPod integration and subscription together." True. They also say that no other music service will have [...]

Demand for Tablets Not Quite As Strong As Recent Media Hype Suggests, Says IDC

No, really?! According to IDC, media tablet shipments to sales channels fell by 28% in the first quarter of 2011. Total units shipped worldwide was estimated to be: 7.2 million. It's not a bad number, but IDC was surprised that "seasonal trends typically found in more mature consumer electronics and computing categories had a notable [...]

Connected TVs with On-Demand Content Access Present in 2 Out of 5 Households, People Still Prefer ‘Live’ TV, Though

This is interesting, though not all unexpected. Knowledge Networks has found that 47% of people, ages 13-64, they surveyed in April 2011 prefer watching live TV at its schedule time. 23% said they prefer DVR recordings, which I also assume means on-demand content as well from their TV provider or sites like Hulu. Another nugget [...]

Amazon Cloud Drive Offering ‘Unlimited’ MP3 and AAC Music Storage for a Limited Time

Amazon has just beefed up their cloud offering and is enticing new users with a deal that's too good to pass up. For a limited time, Amazon Cloud Drive customers are able to take advantage of free, unlimited music storage with any plan currently available — like the entry level $20/yr for 20GB plan. In [...]

Spotify Now Taking Sign-up Requests for Its Upcoming U.S. Service

Look out! Spotify is officially coming to the United States. The company has just posted a big landing page announcing as much. Unfortunately, no details of what the package plans will look like or when the service will launch were given (Euro pricing chart), but one can assume it will be soon. If you remember, [...]

Netflix Announces Latin America Expansion Plans

Netflix today is announcing their intention to bring its streaming movie service to 43 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. Notice the offering is streaming-only. No DVD-by-mail plans will be offered, which is probably a good thing in order for Netflix to expand internationally. Netflix will give users the option to access the service with [...]

Facebook Really Does Want to Enter the Social TV Space

Andy Mitchell, SVP of Strategic Partner Development at Facebook, pitched to attendees of PromaxBDA this past Wednesday, according to Adweek, that Facebook could become a partner to TV providers by helping their customers find relevant programming from a sea of 500+ channels by leveraging one's social graph. In other words, Facebook would provide a real-time [...]

Sneak Peek: Roku 2 Series Players

Looks like the FCC outed Roku's 2011 product refresh. The company's new 3000X (XS), 3050X (XD), and 3100X (HD) Roku 2 Players boast a new design that rivals Apple's latest Apple TV in its compactness. Unlike the Apple TV, though, Roku's new 2 series players are quite capable, offering up to 1080p video via HDMI, [...]