MUST SEE: BBC’s Revamped iPlayer for PS3 and other Connected Devices

It's hard to be impressed by TV apps these days. Most developers do a horrid job of making things intuitive and easy for end-users to navigate with a standard remote. Enter BBC's new iPlayer HTML5/CE-HTML app. The team at BBC have put in a lot of thought on what a TV-optimized web app should do, [...]

Sneak Peek: Beta Version of Google TV Honeycomb

God, what has Google done?! I'm trying to reserve judgement here since this is a hacked Beta version, which probably lacks the polish the final release will provide, but it's difficult. People have often complained that Honeycomb on the tablet is more PC-like than it should be. Now, we've got an overly complex — or should [...]

No Streaming-only Service from Comcast on the Horizon

Comcast's CEO told analysts earlier this week that the company has no plans to offer a streaming-only service to non-subscribers which could theoretically run on the Boxee Box or Roku. The CEO makes clear that previous efforts like "proved unprofitable." It's worth pointing out, though, that a free service like Fancast is different than an IPTV service that folks [...]

App Discovery Not a High Priority for Connected TV Owners

Research firm, Strategy Analytics, is out with a new Digital Home Observatory report which finds that Connected TV and Smart TV owners rarely seek out new apps to use other than the ones they are already familiar with on their PC, tablet, games console or smartphone devices. If they do venture out, however, they're usually [...]

Who Knew Adding a Share Button Would Get You Sued? Rovi Claims Hulu Is Infringing on Their Interactive TV Patents

Unfortunately the details are scarce at this time, but it has just hit the wire that Rovi (formerly Macrovision and Gemstar-TV Guide International Inc.) has set its lawyers on Hulu for what appears to be its latest Facebook integration. If you remember earlier this month, Hulu introduced the ability to share and discover videos with friends on [...]

Hulu Plus May Go Ad-free for a Price

Good catch by our friends at GigaOm. @hulu_support just tweeted that they are considering an ad-free version of Hulu Plus. Currently, Hulu Plus costs $7.99/mo, but its larger archive of movies and TV shows is sprinkled with ads. No word, of course, when the option may become available, but it begs the question: How much [...]

Netflix Relief Fund Seeks Your Help

I'm rolling on the floor laughing. It appears Funny or Die must have read my post: "Lots of Whining over Netflix’s Price Hikes; Is It Really All That Bad?" — or at least they were thinking the same thing. The spoof, which uses the Twitter hashtag #NetflixReliefFund, begs you to donate $6/mo to help a [...]

Logitech Revue with Google TV Reduced to $99

Wow, talk about a steep fall. Logitech has taken a hit financially the past couple quarters and have seen fit to reduce the price of their Logitech Revue with Google TV from $249 when it launched to $99. "The action was taken with the goal of accelerating adoption of the Google TV platform by removing price as [...]