Hitachi Shows Off World’s First Hand Gesture Controlled HDTV

[youtube=] Back in November 2008 we got a glimpse of Mgestyk Technologies' hand gesture control system for navigating PC games, a web browser, and photo libraries. At the time many of us were floored – especially by the possibilities. Now Hitachi – with the help of Canesta's 3D sensor chip – is demonstrating a hand gesture [...]

HDGIANTS and Niveus Media Team Up to Deliver HD Movies to Niveus Product Owners

In an effort to provide Niveus Media Server and Niveus Storage Server – Cargo Edition owners a higher end movie experience, Niveus Media has integrated the ability for people to download HD quality feature films from HDGIANTS' movie collection directly through the company's Niveus Movie Library application. The Niveus Movie Library, for those unfamiliar, is [...]

INNOVUS MyHome Plugin Released for Squeezebox Duet

iPhone home automation apps have been all the rage of late, but INNOVUS Home Automation has found another compelling and fairly inexpensive platform to tie their service into... the Squeezebox Duet music system. With the MyHome Plugin and the accompanying INNOVUS House Control solution products, users can manage their music, control lights throughout the home, [...]

Engadget Reviews Embedded Automation’s mPanel

The holy grail of home automation and technology is to have every device in the home integrated together. Unfortunately, the cost to do that still remains too high for the average consumer, especially now. It is with those ideas in mind that Engadget has reviewed Embedded Automation’s mPanel; a seven-inch, in-wall, touch panel that can [...]

AlertMe’s New Energy Saving Range Set to Debut by Year End

Automated Home is reporting that their contacts at AlertMe are getting ready to launch their new Energy Saving Range in the next few weeks. What currently stands out from the offering is a new device called the SmartPlug, which is a dual-purpose home automation device that helps the company's AlertMe Hub track actual energy usage [...]

Ecobee Smart Thermostat Makes Living Green a Techie’s Dream

I've got to hand it to Ecobee for “getting it” when it comes to creating a product that's easy to operate and administer. I'm mean seriously... who doesn't like a gadget that can be hooked up to your wireless network and give you remote access from any web browser? Even better, one that can [...]

Iomega StorCenter ix2 Makes a Big Splash into the NAS Market

Just when things were beginning to appear a little stale on the NAS (network-attached storage) front, Iomega has stepped up to the plate with a compact and powerful budget priced solution called the Iomega StorCenter ix2 [promo video | flickr gallery]. What make this device special is that it includes features of more expensive models [...]

Logitech Introduces the Harmony 510 Universal Remote

The average consumer makes their first entry into the integrated world through the remote control. It is no wonder then that the remote manufacturers are producing low cost universal remotes that will entice said average consumer. What is surprising is that Logitech has not made a big deal about their newest remote, the Harmony 510 [...]