HomeSeer iPhone HSTouch Client Released

Folks who already have or are considering a HomeSeer-based home automation system will be happy to learn that they can now manage their devices directly from an iPhone using the company's newly released iPhone HSTouch client. What's more, since HSTouch is IP-enabled, users can manage their home(s) remotely via the app. The new HSTouch iPhone [...]

HomeSeer Unveils the HSM100-EU Z-Wave Multi-Sensor in the US

HomeSeer Technologies is now selling a Euro version Z-Wave home automation product that provides three functions in one. The HSM100-EU is intended to be used as a motion sensor for any Z-Wave certified system, but the product can also provide temperature and light readings for HomeSeer's PC home automation software. The HSM100-EU has a range [...]

HomeSeer Unveils a 7-Inch In-Wall Touchscreen Controller Powered by HSTouch

HomeSeer has taken the wraps off a new product that they hope will make its way into people's homes. The new HST-IW07 is 7-inch in-wall touchscreen Windows CE PC that comes preloaded with the company's HSTouch client for full home automation (note: HSTouch is fully customizable and upgradeable). The 2-inch profile device provides a 800x480 [...]

Indigo 4.0 Home Automation Software for Mac OS X Released (Now with iPhone Support)

[youtube=] Perceptive Automation is announcing today that its Mac OS X home automation software has received a major upgrade and will now function in tandem with the iPhone / iPod touch to control INSTEON and X10 adapters over Wi-Fi or mobile broadband. Indigo 4.0 is now available in two versions: Indigo Lite ($89.95) and Indigo Pro [...]

T-Mobile to Release an Android Powered Home Phone and Internet Tablet?

The New York Times is leaking the details of some "confidential documents" published by T-Mobile that state that the company is planning on launching an Android powered home phone and Internet tablet in 2010. While the details are a little sparse, it looks like the phone will have docking and data sync capabilities while the [...]

HomeSeer Releases the HSTouch Interface Design System for Home Automation Applications

Designed to work with HomeSeer's home automation software and industry standard IP-enabled controllers, HSTouch is a new Windows-based GUI design application (MSRP $199.95) that allows users to create custom control interfaces that are able to be ported and run on Windows, Windows CE, and Windows Mobile Devices. In addition to being able to create customized [...]

MOXI HD DVR Goes Mainstream

Gone are the days when you could only get your hands on a MOXI DVR in limited cable TV markets. The company is now delivering their TiVo butt-kicking, CableCARD compatible 500GB HD DVR to the masses via for $799 (subscription fees: $0, advertising: none). FYI: the MOXI HD DVR was first announced and made [...]

XSight URC 8603 PC Programmable, Touch Screen Remote for Under $200.

The idea of a universal remote control to eliminate the multi-remote coffee table clutter is not a new one. In fact, a remote that can control up to 18 devices with a combination of hard buttons and a touch screen has even become somewhat common place. But to find one that you can set-up yourself [...]