3 Reasons Why Personal Cloud Services Need to Be Home Server Based

Originally I was going to write a post on a cool new service called ZumoCast for Windows and Mac PCs that enables iPad owners to stream media files instantly from their home computer for playback without taking up any storage on their device. But then I got to thinking... there's something wrong here. 1. No one [...]

It’s Time for Microsoft to Create Windows Tablet Edition

Quick Thought: I'm looking at the current crop of Windows powered tablets showcased at Computex (above is the MSI WindPad 100 featuring the WindTouch UI layer), as well as thinking about HP's previous Slate efforts, and one glaring piece of the puzzle is missing: a consistent tablet UI layer for Windows 7 and/or Windows Embedded [...]

So Where Are We with the Zune?

Now that the cats out of the bag with the Zune HD, one can’t help but wonder if this is still too little too late for the Zune. Does the addition of the Zune HD really change anything for the Zune and the related Zune Marketplace? Zune HD: There’s certainly a lot to like with the player [...]