Windows Home Server 2011 to Get Time Machine Support via Add-ins

Looks like Microsoft isn't too keen on natively supporting a mixed Mac OS X and Windows home or work environment. The company, according to We Got Served, has instead enlisted Orbital Technologies to take on the task by creating an add-in — looks like it will be FREE or freemium — that people can use [...]

Cisco Videoscape Demo at CES 2011

OK, now that we can all view Cisco's presentation of Videoscape at CES 2011 (previously they posted a bogus video demo on their product page — it's still there, by the way) the new Videoscape platform is hands down the most advanced Smart TV platform unveiled to date. I stated that they've taken a page [...]

Cisco Enters the Smart TV Space, Takes a Page from Google TV

Cisco sure does sound confident today. The company is announcing that it will be partnering with TV service providers to help them roll out their next generation TV set-top boxes powered by its new Videoscape technology. Much like Google TV, Cisco Videoscape is able to combine live TV, on-demand, web, and social content in a [...]

Iomega Partners with Boxee for Its All New Iomega TV Product Line

Looks like the Boxee Box just got out boxed by a partner OEM. Iomega TV is a Boxee-powered media streamer with up to 2TB of internal storage. Think of it as a perfect competitor to the WD TV Live Hub. The Iomega TV, like the WD TV Live Hub, can function as a DLNA media [...]

PLANEX Launches a Gigabit USB + SD Card Slot Network Media Server Adapter in Japan

Got to love this! PLANEX has just launched a new product in Japan that the rest of the world will desperately want when they get wind of it. The MZK-SNG02U is network adapter similar to other "plug computers" in that it can turn your external USB hard drive into a NAS device, but this one [...]

HP Dropping MediaSmart Server Line Powered by Windows Home Server

Crazy! HP has decided to pull the plug on its Windows Home Server-powered MediaSmart Server line, reports We Got Served. The company, who has been the premier WHS hardware partners since 2007, will continue to support existing models, but will no longer create new products based on the platform. In fact, HP has already moved [...]

‘DISH Remote Access’ App for iPad Released (Streams Live TV!)

Well, well.... DISH Network has just become the first TV provider to offer subscribers a live TV streaming and remote solution across PC, mobile, and tablet devices. Actually, DISH Network first made the big announcement in mid-November (supporting iPhone, iPod touch, Android, and Blackberry), but today they are officially rolling out the "big gun" DISH Remote [...]

‘TiVo App for iPad’ Brings TiVo Premiere a Second Screen Option and Social TV Features

Looks like TiVo has been paying attention to the Social TV space and what Comcast has been up to with the Xfinity TV App for iPad. The company today is announcing the availability of a new FREE iPad app that essentially functions as a second screen for the TiVo set-top. So while watching live TV, [...]