Will Ultraviolet Raze the Alternative Digital Download Systems?

Another battle looms in the quest for online content distribution; this time it seems to be serious business. When major Hollywood film studios get together to develop a new system for online film distribution you can either be afraid...or be very afraid. Ultraviolet is the digital download system aiming to corner the market for the studios [...]

PlayStation Home to Provide Radio and Movie Socialization

Sony has revealed that its new and redesigned PlayStation Home project is to allow social experiences to become even more in-depth. From December, users of the system will be able to enter the virtual universe and hang out with their friends whilst listening to the music provided by RadioIO, experience live UStream entertainment, or watch [...]

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? No, Google Music!

Welcome once again to the show that never ends; the battle of corporate giants Google and Apple. Google has launched music services for its Android handset users while Apple has launched a new service, iTunes Match. It's a big step for Google, as not having a music purchase service was reckoned to be something of a [...]

Netflix UK Inks Deal with Miramax

According the Guardian Netflix has inked a deal with Miramax films to exclusively stream films such as Pulp Fiction, Shakespeare In Love,  Gangs of New York and No Country For Old Men alongside some other dubious treats such as In Bed with Madonna and Godzilla vs. Biollante. Content deals like this are as much about [...]

Netflix and Lionsgate get ready to Kick Ass in the UK

Netflix Heading Across the Pond After Lionsgate Agreement The US DVD rental and media-streaming giant has recently outlined plans to launch its services in the United Kingdom and Ireland, expanding its base of operations into Europe. Netflix has just announced a multi-year licensing agreement with Lionsgate UK and says the UK and Ireland launch will happen [...]

Blip in the Zeitgeist for WoW?

Is MMORPG World of Warcraft in danger of plunging to its doom from the top of a burning ziggurat, or will the heroic fantasy rise up to slaughter the legions of Undead scrabbling to consign it to the tomb? Recent reports are that WoW's subscriber base dropped by 800,000 this quarter, a massive jump on the [...]

Ameba Launches on LG Smart TV

"It's the content, stupid!" as Bill Clinton and his assorted politicos might have said if they'd ever thought with any imagination about the digital economy. They might have added "And don't forget about the kids," something LG Smart TV can't be accused of doing following its hook-up with Ameba, the IPTV company headquartered in Winnipeg. The [...]

Yahoo iPad App Attack on the Media Stack

First it was the smartphones for Yahoo's neat IntoNow app and now it's launched for the iPad to aim at the ever-increasing media-stacking audience. The original app was launched for Android and iPhone early in 2011 and so Yahoo says, has had well over 1.5 million downloads. The move onto iPad seems like a good [...]