Sezmi Broadband TV Service Launches Public Pilot in LA

You may have caught the news yesterday that Sezmi, a company who we first heard about last year, has finally launched it service to a small group of participants in Los Angeles (you can still be one of them). The broadband service provides cable-like high-definition TV programming (including local), video on-demand, online video content, and DVR [...]

Comcast’s Amy Banse Explains TV Everywhere

At NewTeeVee LIVE yesterday Comcast's Amy Banse talked about what subscribers can look forward to with the company's "TV Everywhere" initiative. Essentially, what Comcast wants to do is bring TV programming to a variety of platforms - specifically Internet enabled and mobile devices. TV Everywhere encompasses, as Banse puts it, linear viewing, à la carte, [...]

70% of Slingbox Users Don’t Placeshift TV Content Outside Their Home

The Hollywood Reporter and Broadband TV News are reporting that Stuart Collingwood, VP EMEA of Sling Media, has been quoted saying that the percentage of people who don't use their Slingbox for remote placeshifting has jumped from 40% two years ago to 70% today. In fact, most people use their Slingbox to stream TV to [...]

Ooma Telo Wants to Free You From Your Monthly Phone Bill

Ok, I'll bite. After reviewing the details on the Ooma Telo VoIP phone adapter and service, I can't find anything not to like. For $249.99 the Ooma Telo, which needs to be connected to a router with a high-speed Internet connection and is compatible with standard corded or cordless telephones, provides FREE phone calls nationwide [...]

Cablevision Rolls Out the Nation’s First 101Mbps Broadband Service

Cablevision is announcing today that beginning May 11th the company will begin offering a new 101Mbps downstream / 15Mbps upstream high-speed Internet package called Optimum Online Ultra for $99.95/mo. The package, which will serve the New York metro area, is the nation's first 101Mbps broadband service to hit the impressive benchmark. The closest competitor, Verizon, [...]

Parks Associates Finds Free Content Main Lure to Watching Video Online in Western Europe

Parks Associates is out with a new report that applies to Western Europe, but could very well pertain to all Internet users. The study found that 31% of broadband households in Western Europe downloaded / streamed movie and TV content on their PC in the last 6 months while only 8% of those households actually [...]

Qwest Rolls Out Free Online Backup Service to High-Speed Internet Customers

It's been quite some time since anything exciting has been announced by a consumer broadband provider. This week Qwest is rolling out, what they call, the Personal Digital Vault which offers customers 2GB of secured, offsite storage space at no additional charge. The new service allows users to schedule PC backups, manually upload files, and [...]

Gizmodo Posts Definitive Coast-to-Coast 3G Data Battlemodo

It's probably true that most of our readers are more than happy using a traditional broadband provider for their home's Internet access, but I'm sure there's a few of you out there who are mobile warriors who want the lowdown on which cellular network currently has the fastest 3G download and upload speeds. So, it's [...]