gHome by TELTUB Marries Your Google Voice Number with Your Home Phone

Wow, for just $5/mo TELTUB has a new VoIP service called gHome that can take your Google Voice phone number and make it so you can make and receive unlimited phone calls across the U.S. and Canada, all without a PC, using a standard home phone. The magic happens through TELTUB's servers and the VoIP [...]

Verizon Tells the FCC to Shove It – Believes the FCC Is Overstepping Its Authority with Its Quest for ‘Net Neutality’

Verizon is taking a big step today by filing an appeal against the FCC's self-imposed powers to regulate the Internet, a duty not granted by Congress. Verizon's press release attached below is pretty self explanatory, claiming that the FCC is overstepping its authority and is actually hurting openness and innovation on the Internet with its new [...]

Higher Prices for Services Like Hulu Plus, Netflix, VUDU Most Likely Coming Due to FCC’s Net Neutrality Regulation

Today the FCC voted 3-2 for "net neutrality" regulation that will allow broadband providers to charge alleged bandwidth hogging services a toll to run through their pipes. The neutrality bit comes from the fact that consumers won't be forced into paying for a "faster, less congested highway" and won't be blocked from accessing websites of their choosing (kind [...]

Clearwire Intros the 4G Home Clear Modem with 802.11n Wi-Fi

People these days talk about cutting cable from their entertainment equation. How about cutting cable from your broadband service? Clearwire has just added a new WiMax-based wireless router that brings 4G speeds to your network connected devices and computers. The $120 Clear Modem offers 802.11n Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity. Just plug the device into an [...]

Vonage Zeros in on Facebook, Mobile Devices, and Your Desktop for VoIP Calling

Looks like Vonage is jumping into Google Voice and Skype territory. reports Vonage is working on a Facebook app that will pull in all your contacts and allow you to make FREE phone call to anyone who has also installed the app using their Android, Blackberry, or iPhone handset via the company's Vonage Mobile app (an [...]

netTALK Debuts the DUO PC-Free VoIP Adapter with USB Connectivity Thrown in for Kicks

Step aside MagicJack, lookout Vonage.... netTALK today is introducing a dual-mode VoIP adapter that can work via an Ethernet connection directly to your home router (no PC required) or through your Internet connected PC via USB. Just attach a traditional cord/cordless phone to its phone jack and you're golden. The new netTALK DUO retails for [...]

Study Finds: Less Than 8% of U.S. Households Would Consider Canceling Pay-TV Service in Favor of Online Video

Good news for cable companies. Parks Associates' All Eyes on Video study finds that the primary threat to the cable/satellite TV business is their traditional competitors — not online video portals or file sharing sites. In fact, the percentage of household who would consider discontinuing TV service in favor of online video only has dropped [...]

Comcast Rolls Out ‘Data Usage Meter’ to Broadband Customers

It seems everyone wants to regulate our consumption these days. You may be familiar with Smart Meters that track your energy usage on an hourly basis and snitch to the utility company when you're active during "peak times" so they can justify charging a premium for your indiscretions. Now, broadband providers like Comcast are getting [...]