Launch Event for Windows 8 Set

The beta version of Windows 8 will be previewed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on February 29th.  Microsoft did not provide any further details of its plans. It did mention that there would also be an event in the US, but the details of this event will be released later. The event will be [...]

Happy Holidays from eHomeUpgrade

Wishing you all a safe and happy holidays from all of us at Hopefully you have all been good boys and girls this year and Santa has delivered all of your digital goodies! Time to tuck into some festive food and enjoy some quality entertainment. Thanks for sticking with us through the transition period at [...]

DLNA Looks to Increase Consumer Awareness and Extends Reach with Wi-Fi Direct

It's been a busy few weeks over at the DLNA. First they release a set of videos aimed at educating the mass market by demonstrating how easy it is for consumers to connect and enjoy their digital content regardless of manufacturer. They cover the scenarios that most normal people (and by normal I don't mean geeks [...]

Welcome to the All New eHomeUpgrade

Dear Readers, As you may have noticed it has been quiet on eHomeUpgrade for several weeks now. I am very pleased to announce that is now under new ownership after the previous owner, Alexander Grundner, decided to part company with this site after eight years of excellent work. The opportunity to take on the challenge of [...]

Join the eHomeUpgrade Blogging Team

eHomeUpgrade is currently seeking talented, US-based writers to join our Digital Home blogging team. Ideally, we are looking for someone who can submit two to five 120+ word posts in the first half of the day (M-F) and has personal experience using, or knowledge of, some of the many products and services covered on our site. If [...]

Sponsor Giveaway: SanDisk Ultra II SDHC 4GB Cards

SanDisk, who's currently publicizing and taking entries (until Nov. 10th) for their SanDisk Point & Shoot Film Festival, has been kind enough to provide us with a generous number of Ultra II SDHC 4GB Cards to give away at random. We will announce the winners on December 1, 2008. In order to be considered for [...]

eHomeUpgrade Mention on GeekBrief.TV

I was a pleasantly surprised this morning when I was tipped off by Jason Unger, Lead Editor and Publisher for, that eHomeUpgrade was mentioned, and that I was personally complimented for my writing style and news coverage, in episode #331 on GeekBrief.TV. That's soooo cool. I'm very flattered. I previously met Cali and Neal at [...]

eHU Giveaway: Big Screen Photos 2 & Big Screen Weather 2 for Windows Vista MCE

Boy, do we have a fantastic little giveaway for all our Windows Vista Media Center users! has hooked us up with four full licenses of its newly finalized Big Screen Photos 2 and Big Screen Weather 2. So what we are going to do is give away a set of both products to two [...]