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Last updated: November 02, 2019
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For dentists, they certainly are up against it when it comes to convincing the majority of us to floss on a regular basis. But then, you’re probably fully aware of that. Why so?

Chances are, you are among those people difficult to convince. And there’s no shame in that, is there? There are far better things to be doing with our time than using a thin, thread-like piece of string and fussing about with it so that it manoeuvers just right inside your mouth. It’s all too easy to inflict gum pain when dental flossing and also to draw blood. Who actually wants that?

But dental flossing no longer has to be an ordeal that it once was. And that’s because of the good ol’ water flosser – also referred to as “oral irrigator.” Essentially, a water flosser is a pressure washer, of sorts, for the mouth. Think along the lines of downsized pressure washer for the driveway at home.

And, yes, a water flosser doesn’t take that much less time than traditional flossing. Nevertheless, a water flosser is far easier to maneuver, it’s not going to hurt the gums, it will not cause your gums to bleed, and it will generally do a far better job than if you were instead to use a thread-like piece of string.

And to back up these facts, a study conducted at the University of Nebraska, fully paid for by Waterpik, a, or perhaps the, major manufacturer of water flossers, found that for those that used water flossers (as opposed to the thread-like piece of string), bleeding reduced by a whopping 93 percent, while gum disease reduced by over 50 percent. Water flossing units are, likewise, ideal for folks that wear braces or some alternative form of dental appliance.

Best Water Flosser: Buying Guide

It’s not easy to determine which is the best water flosser for your needs. After all, the market is “littered” (though not literally) with high-quality water flossers and with not-so-high-quality water flossers. Which is right for you?

Are you concerned mainly about the size of the water reservoir? Perhaps it’s more about overall functionality? Maybe cordless is the right type for you? Do you have braces, implants, or some other dental work that you find difficult to clean with traditional floss? Or is your choice based more upon price and overall value?

Well, whatever your main water flossing concerns are, in this article, we review the best of the bunch of water flossers that are currently available for sale.

1. Best Overall - Waterpik Aquarius


  •     Dimensions → 5.88 x 6.63 x 9.25 inch
  •     Weight → 1.75 pounds
  •     Power → Mains electric
  •     Color → White, black, blue, or orchid

Key Features:

  •     Ten variable pressure settings
  •     Seven water flossing tips
  •     Water reservoir: holds 22 ounces and provides 90-second water capacity
  •     3-year warranty

Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser Review

In accordance with what the manufacturer claims, the Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser removes almost 100 percent of the plaque inside your mouth on areas that are treated.

Additionally, the Waterpik is said to be as much as 50 percent more potent than traditional floss in terms of its ability to improve gum health. And, of course, our team of water flosser reviewers is not going to argue on either account.

The Waterpik Water Flosser is also ideal for those of us with implants, with braces, and with any other type of dental work.

This, the Waterpik Aquarius, is a clinically proven water flosser brand. It’s the only brand of water flosser to have earned the Seal of Acceptance from the American Dental Association (ADA). 

With its advanced technology, you can take advantage of the massage mode which helps to stimulate blood flow in the gums, in addition to the enhanced pressure mode that offers ten different settings for a customized clean and with water pressures that range from 10 PSI through to 100 PSI.

After 30 seconds and one minute of use, the timer/ pacer (which is built-in) pauses so that you can easily track the amount of flossing time. For every minute’s duration, the Waterpik Water Flosser delivers no less than 1,400 water pulses.

With the Aquarius’ reservoir together with flow-control functionality, the water flosser holds as much as 22 ounces of water at any one time and caters to a water capacity of 90 seconds.

Any refilling necessary? No, none whatsoever. Water flow is easily controlled through the on/ off switch located on the handle.

For easy cleaning, just pop the water flosser into your dishwasher on the top rack.

Family members want to utilize your Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser? No problem!

There are seven different tips supplied with every purchase of the Waterpik Aquarius, inclusive of three Classic tips, one Plaque Seeker tip suited to those that have braces, implants, etc., one tip for orthodontics, one toothbrush tip, and one pik-pocket (not to be confused with “pick-pocket”) which is ideal for periodontal pockets.

For easier access to any area of the mouth, the tips rotate an entirety of 360 degrees.

The product is backed by an impressive warranty of three years.

If you have any questions or requirements after you’ve purchased the Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser, simply get in touch with the support team located at Fort Collins in Colorado. 

Do note that the Waterpik Water Flosser only has compatibility with 120VAC/60Hz outlets, and is only usable in North America. If the product is used outside North America, the warranty becomes null and void.

  •     Ten variable pressure settings
  •     Seven water flossing tips
  •     ADA Seal of Acceptance
  •     50 percent more effective than traditional floss
  •     Three-year warranty
  •     Not the cheapest water flosser available
  •     For U.S. use only
  •     Not cordless

2. Best Cordless - Mospro IPX7


  •     Dimensions → 7.5 x 2.5 x 1.8 inch
  •     Weight → 0.5 pounds
  •     Power → Cordless
  •     Color → White/ grey

Key Features:

  •     Charging time: Four hours
  •     Four water flossing tips
  •     Mode pressure: 30-100 PSI
  •     200ml water tank
  •     1-year warranty

Mospro IPX7 Professional Cordless Dental Oral Irrigator Review

The Water Flosser Professional Cordless Dental Oral Irrigator by MOSPRO features a newly-upgraded water tank that is removable and fully opening. This means you can now clean dental plaque and limescale more thoroughly than before – a quite impossible task with many other oral irrigators.

As a way of providing dual protection, the IPX7 waterproof design is featured internally and externally. In turn, leakage is prevented and with the IPX7 design, you can safely utilize this dental flosser in the shower.

Because of the rechargeable lithium-ion battery, you can use this rechargeable water flosser for seven to ten days without recharging.

Recharging is made more convenient with the USB interface.

You get three different modes of operation with the Water Flosser Professional Cordless: Gentle, Normal, and Pulse. The nozzle design, which is 360 degrees rotatable, means that it’s much easier to clean those difficult-to-reach areas in your mouth. Of course, this equates to less tooth decay, less dental calculus, less plaque, and less dental hypersensitivity.

While we haven’t featured the MOSPRO Water Flosser Professional Cordless as our BEST FOR TRAVEL option, it certainly could be! And that facility is aided in that the MOSPRO Flosser weighs in at a mere 0.5 pounds (8 ounces). 

There are four jet tips, all fully interchangeable and suited for use by the whole family. The water reservoir holds up to 200ml. Not as large as some of the other water flossers. If you’re not entirely satisfied with your purchase, you’re entitled to a 100 percent refund. Or, within a period of 12 months of purchase, you can take advantage of the MOSPRO replacement guarantee.

  •     Cordless power system with rechargeable battery
  •     Very lightweight
  •     Flosser body fully waterproof with IPX7 design
  •     Nozzle 360 degrees rotating

    200ml capacity water reservoir could be limiting

3. Best for Travel - Nicefeel 300ml


  • Dimensions → 4 x 2 x 8 inch
  • Weight →   1 pound
  • Power → Cordless
  • Color → White/ blue and grey

Key Features:

  •    Charging time: Four hours
  •     Rechargeable battery lasts for up to 20 days after recharging
  •     Four water flossing tips
  •     Three cleaning modes
  •     300ml water reservoir capacity
  •     1-year warranty

Nicefeel 300ml Cordless Water Flosser Teeth Cleaner Review

The 300ml Cordless Water Flosser Teeth Cleaner for Travel could be swapped over for our category winner for best cordless water flosser. In turn, our category winner for best cordless water flosser – Water Flosser Professional Cordless Dental Oral Irrigator – Portable and Rechargeable IPX7 – would be a very good fit for our best cordless water flosser.

Really, it’s swings and roundabouts where these two models/ brands of water flossers/ oral irrigators are concerned. All the same, let’s get to the detail of our best pick for this category – best for travel…

No need to continually refill the water tank that comes with the 300ml Cordless Water Flosser Teeth Cleaner for Travel. As it states clearly on the “tin,” this water flosser comes with a large-sized 300ml water reservoir tank (which is fully detachable).

And, in part, because of the detachable design, and, in part, because of the Open Tank design, this water reservoir tank is easy to clean.

The 300ml Cordless Water Flosser by Nicefeel also boasts an exclusive patent for its internal leakproof tank design. And it’s on account of this design that you get a more comfortable and safer user experience and extended product lifespan.

With the high-pressure water pulse (1,800 times per minute), together with the four-jet water flosser and the long nozzle which has a 360-degree rotatable capacity, you get higher efficiency in terms of teeth cleaning and overall gum health.

Each of the three variable cleaning modes – soft, normal, and pulse – comes with memory function. When you turn off this water flosser, the Memory Function remembers your previously preferred setting.

Use the soft cleaning mode if you have sensitive gums. The normal cleaning mode for food particles that have become trapped between your teeth. And the pulse mode should be used for deeper penetration, for massaging the gums, for the removal of plaque, and for rinsing between your teeth.

The 300ml Cordless Water Flosser comes with USB rechargeable functionality, while the lithium-ion rechargeable battery provides up to 20 days of continual use prior to the requirement for a recharge. Recharging to full battery power takes around four hours. The USB charger and cable are included with your purchase.

This portable oral irrigator comes with extra tips, a box for tips storage, and a storage bag, making it ideal for traveling.

  •     Up to 20 days of continual usage prior to recharge
  •     Patented 300ml water reservoir tank is large and easy to detach and clean
  •     Can safely be used in the shower
  •     Carry case included for travel purposes
  •     Competitive price
  •     Handle ergonomics could be better

4. Best Value - Miss Gorgeous


  • Dimensions → 9.9 x 4.4 x 3.6 inch
  •     Weight →   1.06 pounds
  •     Power → Cordless
  •     Color → White/ blue

Key Features:

  •  FDA certified product
  •     Charging time: Four hours
  •     Rechargeable battery lasts for up to 18 days after recharging
  •     Five water flossing tips
  •     Three cleaning modes
  •     300ml capacity water reservoir
  •     Pulse: 1,200/ min

Miss Gorgeous Cordless Pro Dental Water Flosser Review

The 3-Pulsed Water Flow together with five rotatable nozzles and Memory function means that you can clean every part (of your mouth) with ease while meeting various dental criteria with only a single minute’s flossing each day. The Miss Gorgeous Professional Dental Oral Irrigator is ideal for those that have bridges, crowns, veneers, braces, etc.

The three cleaning modes include Low (water pressure: 45 PSI) which is ideal for the removal of plaque, Medium (water pressure: 75 PSI), again, ideal for plaque removal, and High (water pressure: 110 PSI), which is the perfect fit for blood circulation improvement and gum massage.

After turning the device off, the Mode Memory function remembers the previously-selected mode.

There’s a 0.8mm water stream. This slimline stream caters well to a stronger, faster cleaning performance.

The 300ml water tank reservoir helps to reduce the need for frequent replenishment of water.

The unit is completely waterproof so it can be easily cleaned and is convenient to utilize when in the shower.

This, the Miss Gorgeous Water Flosser, operates using a 2,150 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery which provides up to 18 days of continuous use before the necessity for recharging. Recharging takes a mere four hours to complete.

Twelve months guarantee: Not completely satisfied, even 12 months after purchase? Simply get in touch with the company (Miss Gorgeous London) for a full refund or a replacement to be dispatched.

  •      Bargain priced
  •     FDA approved
  •     Cordless for easy use
  •     Three different cleaning modes with accompanying PSI variables for each
  •     300ml capacity water tank
  • None that we become aware of during testing

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Water Flosser

Is water flossing as good as regular flossing? Is water flossing better than regular flossing?

It has been recommended by dentists that we floss on a daily basis at least once. That’s because flossing cleans as much as 40 percent of tooth and gum surfaces that our toothbrushes are unable to reach. As such, flossing is a very important aspect of overall oral hygiene.

Nevertheless, apparently only just over 30 percent of us actually take the time to floss on a daily basis. There are numerous reasons why Americans do not floss.

There are numerous reasons why it’s not only Americans that do not floss. The most common among those reasons being that to floss correctly, it’s difficult, and it takes too long. Up steps water flossers to help out.

Water flossers, indisputably so, can prove to be an excellent choice for those of us that do not like to use or cannot get to grips with traditional string floss.
Not to say, though, that water flossers are the answer for everyone.

How can you tell if dental floss - the traditional type - or a water flosser is the best choice for you?

Dental Floss

Basically, dental floss is a string of silk or a soft thread or some kind of similar material that is used for cleaning between teeth.

Dental floss is a tried and trusted method for reaching the spaces between the teeth that are otherwise hard to reach.

Pros of dental floss:

● The act of flossing makes it easy to remove excess food and plaque buildup from between the teeth.
● The actual floss is low-cost, and you can find it at almost any grocery store, drug store, mini-mart, or pharmacy. Or, indeed, you can purchase online.
● It’s quick and it’s relatively easy to do flossing. Plus, you can floss almost anywhere.

Dental floss cons:

● When flossing, it’s not easy to reach every area of the mouth.
● If it’s not carried out correctly, flossing can cause minor bleeding.
● Flossing can add to gum sensitivity.
● Flossing is not for everyone. Some folks struggle with it.

Water Flosser

Water flossers are tooth-cleaning devices that propel a thin stream of water. Whenever this stream of water is aimed at the area between your teeth or towards the gum line, it - the stream of water - is capable of removing plaque and food particles.

Water flosser pros:

● Water flossers are much easier to use than traditional floss, particularly so for folks that have braces, implants, bridges, or other forms of dental work.
● Water flossers are also a very good choice for those that suffer from arthritis or from reduced dexterity.
● Water flossers massage the gums. This massaging action improves gum health. Additionally, the propelled stream of water reaches areas that are unreachable when using traditional floss.

Water flosser cons:

● Many water flossers are costly.
● You need to use electricity together with water to operate a water flosser. Not always a good combination. (Cordless water flossers negate the need for the water/ electric combo).

What is the best water flosser for braces?

Fixed braces help to have a positive impact on the smiles of millions of people worldwide on a yearly basis.

While the complexity of this wire and bracket system can alter tooth alignment in a particularly positive way, simultaneously, braces provide a variety of “harbors” for the buildup of plaque.

And, as we know, if plaque is left unremoved, it can cause severe damage to the teeth and gums (not to mention the amount and severity of pain experienced). For plaque removal, regular brushing and flossing are the fundamentals.

What is the best water flosser to use when you have braces?

After quite extensive research, our team settled on two different brands of water flosser that fit the bill better than any others.

The first of these is the Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser Electric Dental Countertop Oral Irrigator for Teeth - WP-660/660C.

We’ve reviewed the Waterpik Aquarius WP-660/660C and made it our best overall category winner. The main downside to this water flosser is that it lacks the mobility of many alternative water flossers because it is not cordless.

Otherwise, it’s more than a solid performer and is ideal for those that have braces.
Our next choice is cordless: The CREMAX Portable Dental Oral Irrigator.

What we like about this water flosser is listed below:

● Cordless
● Three cleaning modes
● IPX7 waterproof (can use it in the shower)
● Large-sized water tank (300ml)
● 360-degree rotatable nozzle design
● Battery takes four hours to recharge and can be used for up to 14 days continuously prior to the need for recharging
● 24-month guarantee
● Price is very competitive

Is it better to floss or brush first?

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), it doesn’t matter if you floss first or you brush first. What does matter is that you do both thoroughly.

For some, the preference is to floss prior to brushing.
This is because they want to make sure that any material trapped between the teeth is dispatched accordingly.

For others, there’s a preference for cleaning the mouth first by brushing. After this, they floss.
So, the rule that applies here is to do both and in any order. Just don’t skip out on one or the other.

Why are water flossers often referred to as Waterpiks?

Technically, water flossers are all water flossers. But not all water flossers are Waterpiks.

The reason why many of us refer to Waterpiks when, in actual fact, we mean water flossers in general, is because Waterpik is by far the leading market brand. As such, Waterpik has become something of a household name.

In essence, Waterpik is one brand among many brands of water flossers. Therefore, to be technically correct, when we are referring to water flossers in general, the name Waterpik shouldn’t necessarily enter into the equation.

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