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Last updated: October 31, 2019
Best Choice
Netflix Originals. Lots of Content
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Premium Pick
Buy or Rent Content. Thousands of TV Series
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Best Value
Most Up-to-Date Content. Hulu Originals
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Best Known Shows
HBO Now Originals. On-Demand Feature
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Best For Sports
High Portability. Very Customizable
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When it comes to finding the best TV streaming service on the market, it can be quite a challenge in this day and age. We’re inundated with choices and if you pick the wrong provider you may not have all the content you hoped you would.

Picking the right service to stream through can be a challenge and there are usually quite a few influencing factors that need to be taken into account before deciding. In this guide we’ll talk about the different services on offer and the factors involved, going into what makes them great and each one’s Achilles heel.

So what needs to be considered?

First and foremost you’ll need to consider what content you need in your life and what content you want, but isn’t essential to your ideal viewing platform. If you enjoy watching a lot of news, then you won’t get much of it from Amazon Prime or Netflix. Conversely, if you can live without news, both Prime and Netflix can be a wonderful option that has a lot of pluses we’ll discuss later on.

There are other things that matter though, like price, user experience (UX), types of content and any exclusive you won’t find on the others. When considering price, the best idea is to set out a budget that you can afford to spend on TV, because if subscribing to more than one of the best tv streaming services is affordable then there’s no reason not to.

On the other hand, if you need to watch your spending it might be wise to stick to one and rotate every few months so you can get through everything on each that you want to watch eventually. All prices are correct at the time of writing (accounting for price hikes).

When we cover the types of content, we’ll be talking about movies, TV series, news, sports, documentaries and other online streaming content. If you can’t live without live streaming news, this can limit your options but there are definitely options available.

1. Best Choice - Netflix

Intro to Service Provider

Netflix is a world-renowned mainstay in the TV streaming service industry. They’ve been around for over 2 decades at this point and were the pioneers for the industry. Portability, pricing, amount of content and original content are all competitive with Netflix.

The UX at Netflix has been the gold standard for years. With nice large pins for every video they offer, you don’t have to worry about squinting to find what you’re looking for. This platform is available on almost every device imaginable as long as you have the speed to stream.


Netflix has 3 plans, all of which give you access to the entire content library available in your country. The cheapest “basic” plan comes in at $8.99, giving you 1 non-HD stream. The “standard” plan comes in at $12.99 and allows up to 2 HD (1080p) streams at once.

Their “premium” plan comes in at $15.99 and enables up to 4 simultaneous streams with 4K enabled content where the content is available in 4K. All in all, it’s a lot more cost-effective than traditional cable/satellite options.


No live content at all with Netflix. To counterbalance that sad fact, Netflix releases some of its content at a rate of one episode a day. When you’re accustomed to binging seasons in a day, you can find yourself climbing the walls when left on a cliff-hanger. 0 channels, but plenty of on-demand content.


  • Netflix Originals can only be seen on Netflix and there’s a lot of them, the majority of which will be must-sees for a lot of people. Some Originals are already true household names.
  • Easy to use UX regardless of the device used to access.
  • Download on Wi-Fi and watch wherever.
  • Top picks for you section based on what you’ve watched and for how long.

There’s definitely a lot of ideal features for Netflix that make it obvious why it’s a world-class choice. Not going to be the best move if you need live content, but if you can live without live content you can’t live without Netflix. For its main On-Demand rival, read on to Amazon Prime.

  • Lots of content to choose from
  • Netflix Originals!
  • Wide range of genres for every medium they offer
  • Depending on plan, 1-4 simultaneous streams
  • No Live TV at all
  • Costs extra for 4k
  • Geo-locking is a nightmare
  • Usually about a year behind live TV

2. Premium Pick - Amazon Prime

Intro to Service Provider

When it comes to Amazon Prime, the amount of benefits available are plentiful and I can’t begin to name them all, but when it comes to Prime Video, there’s a lot more content than anyone could expect for the price.

The UX on Prime Video can be a bit clunky at times with a frustrating need to back out and go right to the top to access the search function, but it has just as much portability as competitors with it being accessible on TVs, Consoles, Phones, Tablets and PCs.


When it comes to Prime membership there are two ways to pay. The first is in a $113 lump sum, or if you don’t have the cash for an up-front payment, $12.99 monthly fees are used.

If you don’t want to be tied down, just pay monthly until you’re sure you want it for a full year and then take advantage of the discount. If you just want a stand-alone Prime Video membership, you’ll be paying $8.99 a month.


Live sports and some local channels are the only available live content from Prime. To make up for that, there are thousands upon thousands of TV series, movies and documentaries spanning lots of genres in a plethora of languages. 100+ subscribable channels for extra fees, but 0 channels included.


  • Originals and Exclusives are some of the best viewing you’ll find on the platform. The originals that are must-sees are titles such as The Grand Tour, Sneaky Pete, The Man in the High Castle and Bosch.
  • Utility is an overwhelmingly popular unique selling point with Prime. There are too many to list here that just aren’t related to TV, but a quick google search will help you see what we mean.
  • Ability to buy extra content, meaning even if your favourites aren’t on Prime you can still buy them if they’re on the marketplace.
  • Ability to subscribe to live TV channels and watch live content without a pesky minimum term contract.

If you enjoy lots of great blockbusters, lots of functionality and the ability to rent or buy more content, then Prime Video is a wonderful addition to any entertainment selection. Originals are some of the most inventive shows out there.

  • Amazon Prime covers next-day delivery on Amazon Shopping, and also gives access to Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Reading and much more.
  • Amazon Originals include absolute gems like The Grand Tour.
  • Ability to buy or rent content that’s on the platform but not covered by Prime.
  • Thousands of TV series, movies and documentaries, not to mention access to music, books and audiobooks. Added on top is Amazon Channels, a cable-free benefit for Prime members where you can watch live TV including NBC news so you can get your news fix with your coffee in the morning.
  • Prime Video has lost some brilliant classics to other platforms in recent years so they can spend more on original content, but it’s disappointing.
  • UX can be a bit annoying at times and can be a bit clunky.
  • When using search, unrelated content can pop up alongside content that you need to pay extra for which is a frustrating ordeal, especially when your favourite past shows are pay-to-watch.

3. Best Value - Hulu + Hulu Live TV

Intro to Service Provider

Hulu has been streaming video content under a subscription model for almost 10 years. In that time, Hulu has grown to over 28million subscribers and features a lot of the most up to date content that can be found through online streaming services.

The biggest obstacle that Hulu faces as a business is only being accessible to users in the U.S. and Japan. Like Netflix and Prime Video, there are no hidden fees or contracts to worry about, so it’s definitely in contention for the best TV streaming service in the U.S. for quality.

The UX on Hulu is unsurprisingly gorgeous given the price tags involved. The on-demand section alone is relatively competitive, especially if you can tolerate ads to save $6 a month.


The pricing at Hulu is competitive if you’re willing to put up with ads, where the on-demand only portion is just $5.99 a month. If you can’t tolerate ads then you’ll be looking at $11.99, which is similar to Netflix but more expensive than Amazon Prime as a standalone. But is the on-demand section worth it in comparison to Netflix and Prime?

For the live-TV portion, Ad-supported is $44.99 instead of $50.99 otherwise. It doesn’t end there however, with additions like HBO costing $14.99, DVR capacity upgrade costing $9.99, Showtime costing $10.99 and other add-ons being able to send the price far above competitors who, for the same price, include both HBO and Showtime in the price.


Entertainment – A wide selection including Fox channels, CBS, SyFy, TLC and many more.

News – CNBC, NBC, ABC News Live, MSNBC and a couple of other notable news channels.

Documentaries – Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, the History Channel, Investigation Discovery among others.

Sports – ESPN umbrella, CBS Sports Network and Olympic channel. Lacking if you want NFL, NBA or MLB network channels though. Just under 70 channels included with the monthly fee.


  • Hulu Originals such as The Handmaid’s Tale, Casual and The Wrong Mans are worth the watch.
  • Boasting some of the highest portability in the U.S., Hulu is great for the viewer on the go.
  • Ad-supported content allows for cheaper prices for those sticking to a restrictive budget.

All in all, Hulu is pretty damn spectacular, but only if you can afford all the bells and whistles. Ideal for sports fans and news junkies but definitely not budget friendly if you’re looking for a complete on-demand and live viewing experience.

Best in show for broadness of offerings and most current content, worst so far for pricing and the value for money is debatable given price differences for ads.

  • Hulu has the most up-to-date content on the web, usually having a lag of about a week behind traditional networks. Other services can be waiting as long as a year after the season concludes for it to be added to the likes of Netflix.
  • Has access to a lot of the traditional networks like Fox, as well as creating Hulu Originals.
  • The best TV streaming service for a balance of on-demand and live content.
  • Only available in the U.S. and Japan
  • At $6 for Hulu with ads and $12 without, it’s a bit frustrating to be paying so much with less content than Netflix and Prime at around the same price-tag.
  • To add HBO costs $15 on top of what you’re already paying.
  • When you’re already paying $44.99-$50.99, you get 50 hours of cloud DVR. If you need more, then it’ll cost an extra $15 for 200 hours.

4. Best Known Shows - HBO Now and HBO Go

Intro to Service Provider

HBO has been around for decades and is a household name the world over. HBO Go and HBO now have the same content, but Go is added onto a traditional cable package and Now can be purchased as a standalone.

With a clear and concise UX that makes it easy for both browsing and searching, HBO has definitely nailed the execution of it’s Now app. To add more desirability, the show is released on-demand on Now at almost the same time as it releases the episode for first-run broadcasting.


At $14.99 a month for HBO Now, you can’t really fault it. With access to everything at one price, there’s a definite feeling of fairness that Prime Video doesn’t always have.


None. No live HBO TV for HBO Now subscribers, but the on-demand content can keep you busy for a long time. If you love sports or news, avoid this platform because there’s little to nothing that will scratch your itch.


  • HBO Originals are some of the best known shows in the world. A prime example is Game of Thrones, easily the most notable TV series of this century so far.
  • Featured and Quick Hits sections should help you find content that you’ll love faster than browsing aimlessly on the likes of Amazon Prime.
  • HBO Now gives you the ability to watch remotely with friends, adding a social component to on-demand viewing.

HBO Now is a very attractive proposition, especially at $14.99 a month. The HBO Originals make it worth getting the Now app at some point anyway, even if you only use it to watch/re-watch the likes of Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley.

  • HBO Now Originals include modern classics like Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley and True Blood.
  • Readily available to bolt-on to the vast majority of TV streaming services for an extra fee. HBO Now is as universal as great content gets.
  • HBO Now can be purchased as a stand-alone, so no need for a TV subscription unless you really want one.
  • Although HBO Now has a massive offering of TV series, movies, and other content. Historic HBO content is unavailable for the most part.
  • No live TV options with HBO Now. You’ll need to subscribe to a different provider of live TV with a package extensive enough to have HBO included.
  • Only available in the U.S. which is definitely bad news for viewers in other countries.

5. Best For Sports - Playstation Vue

Intro to Service Provider

When you see Playstation Vue, you might think it’s primarily for Playstation users. If you thought this like I did, you’d be wrong too. Don’t get me wrong it’s definitely available on Sony consoles, but it’s also supported on just about anything that isn’t an Xbox.

Sony have definitely got a wide range of packages with the cheapest being almost identically priced to Hulu’s ad-supported model.

Another nice UX with high portability with the PS Vue app being supported on the majority of non-Microsoft platforms. A wide selection of news channels for the viewers that love current events is a big plus here though, as PS Vue may have the widest selection of news available among competing providers.


Access – $45

Core – $50

Elite – $60

Ultra – $80


Right from the Access package you’ll get a broad and basic experience across all genres, including a little bit of on-demand. ABC, NBC and Fox on demand are available along with Animal Planet, BBC America, Bravo, Cartoon Network, Cozi TV, Destination America, ESPN, Food Network, Fox Business, Fox News and SYFY are all accessible for just $45 monthly.

The core package is very rewarding for sports fans, including the likes of MLB, NBA and NFL Network channels which gives viewers the chance to stay up to date on the best American sports across the board. Soccer fans may want Fox Soccer Plus at an extra $13 a month. This step up gives a few other channels like the cooking channel, but is mostly tailored to sports fans.

The elite package adds everything in the repertoire that isn’t HBO and Showtime, which is only included in the ultra. MotorTrend, Hallmark Movies, Hallmark Drama, Fusion, Discovery Life, Discovery Family and CNBC World are among the added channels.

The ultra, as mentioned above, includes HBO and Showtime along with their respective on-demand apps. Offers a saving of $6 a month when compared with getting them separately. Between 45-90 live TV channels up for grabs depending on the selected package.


  • The best version of the app is on Playstation consoles, where users can stream different channels simultaneously.
  • A large selection of channels with an inverted pyramid style package tier system. Each package increase keeps the channels you had before, adds new ones and adds an extra monthly fee.
  • A solid selection of on-demand content from Fox, ABC and NBC on demand.
  • A sizable amount of DVR capacity as standard.

Playstation is a solid contender for the highest quality selection of large shows but it’s an expensive proposition with all the bells and whistles.

  • Broad package offering with the higher tiers offering almost anything you could want.
  • Still likely cheaper than getting a traditional cable or satellite package but without annoying contracts.
  • Highly customisable offerings through add-ons, which will leave sports fans frothing at the mouth. If you love all sports, consider the elite package if you can afford it.
  • Unless you’re a sports fan, the channel selection at any price point isn’t matching up to similarly priced competitors.
  • Misses out some solid channels like Comedy Central and Nickelodeon (for the parents among us).
  • Very expensive at the higher end, the only consolation is by getting the elite package ($80 a month, really?) you’re getting HBO and Showtime with their respective apps on top. There just seems to be a lot of filler channels that aren’t worth the extra.

6. Best for Live Streaming - Vevo/Youtube TV


Vevo is winding down its efforts as a service provider and is focusing on its partnership with YouTube. This means it’s not a service worth mentioning past this point. It’s partnership with YouTube has been the main thing that has kept the wheels turning and focusing on it would be better for everyone and provide YouTube Red and YouTube TV subscribers with an added bonus.

Youtube TV

Youtube originally started as a website where users could create channels and upload videos, where people could then view them at any time and subscribe to channels. Over the next decade YouTube evolved into much more than that.

Recently, Youtube started offering YouTube TV. Designed to be a replacement for traditional cable TV services, it gives access to local channels and has DVR just like traditional packages.

Much like, the UX with YouTube TV is easy on the eyes and highly accessible. It might come as a shock, but with a base price of $49.99, it doesn’t come with AMC which is an American TV staple.


At $49.99 for YouTube TV, it’s hard to see why potential customers wouldn’t go elsewhere and it’s easier to see why their subscriber numbers pale in comparison to that of Hulu and PS Vue. If you’re paying through iTunes, you’ll be charged $54.99 instead.


  • Unlimited DVR, which is obviously the biggest capacity on the list.
  • Provides access to live-streaming channels, basic cable channels and original web content from YouTube Red.
  • Up to 6 profiles on one account, 3 of which can stream simultaneously.

YouTube TV is an expensive option, and the value for money doesn’t seem to be there yet. There’s hope for this TV streaming service later down the line because it’s still in its infancy in comparison to the likes of Hulu plus Live TV. A sad fact is since it increased the price to $50 a month, you’d be better off with PS Vue as the content offerings are still better for live TV.

  • Supported on a lot of devices.
  • DVR lasts up to 9 months.
  • Allows up to 6 profiles on one account.
  • Exclusive to the U.S., not to mention not yet being widely available in all American markets yet
  • Given the content offerings available and lack of blockbuster originals, it’s eye-wateringly expensive
  • Pricing isn’t standardised (costs more for those paying through iTunes)

Frequently Asked Questions: Best TV Streaming Services

How much speed do I need to stream stuff?

Usually, you’ll need about 2.5mb/s to stream on-demand content comfortably and you’ll need about 5mb/s for comfortable live viewing.

How do I get the most bang for my buck?

Consider what’s most important to you, if you value sport or news above all else, go PS Vue. If you’re picky and want lots of on-demand to choose from, add Prime or Netflix. For a middle-ground, choose Hulu.

If I subscribe to HBO Now on one site, can I use it on another that has it?

Short answer, yes. Just make sure the other site you want to use it on uses HBO Now and not HBO Go.

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