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Last updated: November 01, 2019
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You have noticed that your tiles and floors are looking a bit grubby.  You get out your mop and bucket ready to clean only to realize you do not have the right cleaning detergent. Once you have the detergent, you need to put some elbow grease into getting your home sparkling clean. ✨

The effort of cleaning floors and tiles is why most people leave this chore for as long as possible.  The problem is the longer you leave it, the harder it becomes. What can you do to make this easier? Buy a steam mop.

Steam mops make cleaning your floors, tiled walls and oven easy.  The powerful stream of steam blasts greases and dirt from the oven.  The steam takes care of mildew in the bathroom and makes grout shine.  Steam mops also kill more germs than other cleaning methods. Dirty paws leaving your floors a mess?  A steam cleaner will take care of that faster than your mop.  ?

To get this superior cleaning power, all you need to do is buy a steam mop.  The only problem is choosing the right one. There are a lot of these mops on the market and they all seem to do the same thing.

Which do you choose?

To avoid getting the wrong steam mop, you have to research all of them.  You have to consider what you need the mop for and if the models have the features you want.  There are a lot of questions you need to ask yourself before you start including:

  • How portable must the mop be?
  • Should it be multifunction?
  • How much power do you need?
  • Where are you going to use the mop?

If you don’t have the time to look into everything, we have handled it for you.  We have looked into all the steam mops on the market and chosen the best ones. These are the steam mops that will get your home sparkling clean.

1. Best Overall - Bissell PowerFresh 1940


  • Power cord → 23 feet
  • Weight → 6 pounds
  • Settings → Variable steam control
  • Tank size → 16 ounces

Key Features:

  • 3 levels of steam control
  • Easy scrubber
  • Fragrance disks
  • 2-year warranty

Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop 1940 Review

The Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop 1940 is in a different class to many other steamers on the market.  The PowerFresh range of steamers has 5 models you can choose from, but 1940 is arguably the best.  If you are looking for the best floor steamer on the market, you can’t go wrong with this one.

The PowerFresh 1940 is a floor steamer only, which does put it at a disadvantage with other steamers in the price range.  Many of the other steamers are multifunctional with handheld options and clothing steamers. The decision to focus on floor cleaning only has paid off for Bissell as they have created a great cleaner that is maneuverable.

The Inner Workings

The steamer weighs 6 pounds putting it on the heavy side.  The 13-inch wide head is designed to get into tight corners and under your furniture.  The head joint allows 270-degree rotation to get around all furniture.  Combining this with a 23-foot power cord, you can clean your home in no time.

The head and cord are not the only features that make the mop easy to use around the house.  The cleaning pads are microfiber and washable. When you buy the mop, you get a soft pad and a scrubby pad.

While there is no steam on-demand setting, you can control the amount of steam.  There are 3 steam settings of low, medium and high. The settings do not affect the temperature of the steam.

This remains constant regardless of the setting being used.  The temperature of the water is hotter than other models, but Bissell does not state the exact temperature.  To create steam, the water has to reach 212°F and this is hot enough for any cleaning.

To make the steamer easier to use, the water tank is removable.  It also has a capacity of 16 ounces which is larger than other standing steamers.  The capacity should provide an hour of continuous steaming at the lowest setting.

An hour of steaming may seem daunting, but the design of the handle makes it easy.  The handle has a rubber grip making it easy to hold onto the steamer. The angle of the handle has also been designed to reduce strain on the wrist when in use.

The Special Features

There is also a special benefit that most steamers do not have.  The water tank can be removed, refilled and replaced during operation.  Most steamers require the device to be turned off before this is done.

Another unique feature this steamer has is the fragrance disks.  The disk is placed into the mop pad before you start cleaning.  As the steam runs over it, the disk releases a clean scent that embeds into the floor.  The scent remains once the cleaning is over and keeps your rooms smelling fresh.

If you are looking for the ultimate floor steam mop, the Bissell PowerFresh 1940 should be your choice.  While it does not clean vertical surfaces, the horizontal cleaning is second to none. You also get fragrance disks to keep your home smelling fresh.

  • 23-foot cord
  • Fragrance disks
  • Steam control settings
  • Only works on flooring

2. Best Budget - Bissell Titanium 94E9T


  • Power cord → 18 feet
  • Weight → 5.4 pounds
  • Settings → Variable steam control, an on-off switch
  • Tank size → 17 ounces

Key Features:

  • Maneuverable head
  • Easy to fill water tank
  • Triangular mop head
  • 1-year warranty

Bissell Steam Mop Select Titanium 94E9T Review

Bissell is one of the big names in the cleaning appliance world.  It comes with a certain level of expectation and the Steam Mop Select Titanium 94E9T does not disappoint.  While there are other Bissell steam mops on the market that offer more, this is a great budget-friendly choice.

Triangle, Not Rectangle

The first thing you notice with the 94E9T is the triangular head. Many other mops, like the PurSteam ThermoPro, have a rectangular mop head.  The triangular head has the benefit of getting into corners, but rectangular heads are better for large areas.

The head of the mop swivels at the base with a flick of the wrist.  The head has a generous width of 8 inches which gets around most furniture.  The only problem you will have is getting it around the toilet.

The mop head uses microfiber pads.  There are 2 included with the mop.  One of these pads are soft for surface cleaning and the other has a built-in scrubbing strip for stubborn dirt.

The mop itself is not the lightest at 5.4 pounds.  The power cord is shorter than others at 18 feet, but this is still long enough to reach most areas in a standard house.  If you want to hold the cord while using the steamer, the length is shortened because the cord attaches to the base.

Big Tap Water Tank

The 94E9T has a 17-ounce tank that is see-through and removable.  Tap water can be used in the tank which does not come with any funnels or cups.  This is due to the tank fitting under your faucet for easy filling.

Going back to the use of tap water, there is no filter in the mop.  This is both good and bad. The good is the lack of buying replacement filters.  The bad is that hard water will eventually clog the vents.

Bissell is aware of this potential issue and has an entire section of their website dedicated to it.  This section walks you through how to remove the buildup. They also recommend you use demineralized water if you live in a hard water area which eliminates the benefit of tap water usage.

While the steam mop is able to handle floor cleaning well, it is not a multifunction device.  There is no handheld option and it cannot be used on furniture or carpeting. It also cannot be used on any vertical surfaces such as tiled walls and windows.

This limitation can be off-putting for some people but fits the price.  While you cannot use the steam mop on vertical surfaces, it can still be used on tile, laminate, stone, hardwood, and vinyl.  Before you start steaming your floors, you do need to check with the flooring manufacturer. Some wood and laminate flooring cannot be steamed clean.

Easy and Accessible Controls

The controls of the mop are easily accessible.  There is a curved handle that fits nicely into the hand and the overall mop is very sturdy.  The trigger to release the steam is close to where your index finger rests.

Using a trigger provides more control over the steam which is not on offer with other budget steam mops.  Certain types of flooring should not be subject to prolonged steam. Reducing the steam used also reduces the floor drying time.

Buying the biggest and most expensive steam mop is not always the answer.  The Bissell Steam Mop Select Titanium 94E9T is a great budget-friendly choice.  While it only cleans the floor, it does the job admirably.

  • Removable water tank
  • Sturdy handle
  • Affordable
  • Short cord
  • No filter for hard water

3. Best Multifunction - Light N Easy S3601


  • Power cord → 20 feet
  • Weight → 6.3 pounds
  • Settings → Variable steam control
  • Tank size → 11.5 ounces

Key Features:

  • Handheld steamer function
  • Multiple attachments
  • 230°F steam
  • 1-year warranty

Light N Easy S3601 Steam Mop Review

Having the right tools to tackle your floors, carpets, and clothing is important.  Having one tool to do all of this is great. The Light N Easy S3601 steam mop can be this tool.

This impressive steam mop becomes 5 different cleaning tools.  You can use it as a steam mop, a counter cleaner, glass cleaner, carpet cleaner, and a clothing steamer.  All of these functions are achieved by the multiple attachments you get.

To clean the counters and vertical surfaces, you can disconnect the handheld device from the mop.  You can then attach the right nozzles or the flexible hose.  The clothing steamer attachment doubles as a furniture fabric freshener.

Introducing Smart Switches

It is not only the attachments that make this steamer great for the price.  Instead of the traditional trigger or on and off button, there is a smart switch.  The smart switch only works when using the mop because it uses the location of the handle.

To start the steamer, you need to tilt the handle.  When the handle is upright, the steamer will stop producing steam.  If you are using the handheld steamer, there is a different smart tech to stop and start it.

The handheld steamer has a sensor instead of a trigger or button.  When your hand is over the smart sensor, the device starts to produce steam.  When you remove your hand, the steam will stop. While this can take some getting used to, it is an innovative way to control the steamer.

The controls do not end there as you have 3 flow levels.  There is a button and LED light which tells you what setting you have selected.  The 3 levels to choose from are high, medium and low.

When it comes to the pads of the mop, there is only one included.  It is washable, but you need to buy replacements. You should not use any disposable pads with the mop and get those designed for the S3601.

To make use of all the attachments and cleaning features, you do not have to wait long.  The S3601 takes only 30-seconds to heat the water and create steam. This means you can get your cleaning tasks done as quickly as you need to.

The water tank is not the largest, but with 11.5 ounces you can do a decent amount of cleaning.  There is no low water light so you have to check the tank.  This is easy to do with the clear front of the tank.

Unlike other models on the list, you cannot place the tank under the tap to fill it.  However, the included filling cup does make it easier. A full cup will not fill the tank the whole way but leaves room to avoid leaks.

Hot, Hot Steam

The steam produced by the mop reaches a temperature of 230°F.  This heat will kill germs without the need for harsh or dangerous chemicals.  The steam temperature leaves surfaces clean and will dry quickly.

If you are looking for a steam mop that doubles as a handheld and clothing steamer, the Light N Easy S3601 is your best bet.  The steamer works as a mop, has a built-in handheld and comes with an extendable hose with a clothing steamer. It is also easy to use when full and keeps your home dirt and germ-free.

  • Innovative stop-start
  • 5 cleaning tools
  • Handheld capacity
  • Water capacity

4. Best Portable - PurSteam ThermoPro


  • Power cord → 20 feet
  • Weight → 2.2 pounds
  • Settings → Variable steam control, an on-off switch
  • Tank size → 11.5 ounces

Key Features:

  • Handheld steamer function
  • Child and pet safe
  • 20-foot cord
  • 2-year warranty

PurSteam ThermoPro Review

When cleaning your home, you do not want to be limited by the portability of your steam mop.  Being able to reach every area of your home you need to is vital to keep it clean. This is something you never have to worry about with the PurSteam ThermoPro.

Not only does this steam cleaner give you the chance to clean anything, but you can also easily move it around.  The ThermoPro weighs only 2.2 pounds, making it one of the lightest on the market.  The cord is also a good 20 feet long which helps you reach where you need to.

It is not only the weight and cord that make this steamer one of the most portable.  The water tank holds 11.5 ounces creating steam for 20 to 25 minutes.  This is achieved with the lowest power setting and the maximum setting lowers the clean time.

The size of the tank is good, but some people find having to top it up every 10 to 20 minutes annoying.  While this is inconvenient, the use of tap water in the steamer makes up for this. Many steamers need distilled water which makes them harder to use.

The 10-in-1 System

The ThermoPro is also very versatile.  It is a 10-in-1 system that lets you clean any part of your home.  The attachments are included and connect to the built-in handheld steam cleaner.  All you need to do is remove the handheld cleaner from the mop body to get started.

If you need to clean your windows, there is a squeegee attachment.  Need to clean your oven?  Pop on the straight nozzle.  There are also nylon brushes to get into the grout of the tiles.  You can even use the handheld steamer to get creases out of your clothing.

The mop itself uses microfiber pads to pick up the dirt and grime it looses on the floors.  The mop comes with 2 washable pads. This will lengthen the time you can use them, but getting replacements are easy and available online.

Killing All The Germs

PurSteam states that the ThermoPro eliminates 99.99% of germs.  This is a common claim with steam cleaners and is generally true based on the heat of the steam.  The mop does not work with any chemicals or detergents which makes it better for homes with pets and small children.

The mop is also fast and takes only 30 seconds to heat up and produce steam.  The quick steam production means you can use it at any time to clean anything.  The power of 1550 Watts also helps blast through any dirt in your home.

The PurSteam ThermoPro is a great portable steam mop that you can use anywhere in your home.  The built-in handheld steamer can easily be detached from the mop body. All the attachments are easy to use and make keeping your home clean a much easier task.

  • 20-foot cord
  • 30-second heat-up
  • Handheld capacity
  • 10-minute use on maximum power

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Steam Mops

Are steam mops better than regular mops?

This depends on what you are using the steam mop for. While steam mops have improved, regular mops are still more reliable. You do not need electricity to clean and you can generally clean for longer.

However, steam mops will sanitize as they clean and remove approximately 99.99% of germs. Tough dirt and spills are also easier to clean with steam because the heat loosens the stain. Steam mops are also easier to use with less elbow grease needed. This does come with a higher price tag.

What flooring are steam mops safe for?

This varies depending on the steam mop and the type of flooring you have. The best steam mops are safe to use on ceramic, linoleum, marble, granite and hardwood. However, if you have unsealed hardwood flooring, a safe steamer may still damage the flooring. Some steam mops also work on carpet and other fabrics, but they will explicitly state this.

Before you buy or use a steamer, you need to check the manual for the flooring you can use it on. You should also test the steamer on a small area of the floor. This area should be out of the way and unobtrusive. If the steamer works in this area, you can use it for the rest of the flooring.

Can steam mops help with pet hair and odor?

Yes, steam mops can help with pet hair and pet odor. Professional groomers and vets often use steam mops to clean their rooms due to their effectiveness. The sanitizing offered by steam mops also makes them better for pet spills.

There are some steam mops that focus purely cleaning up after your pet. If this is the only reason for getting a steam mop, you should choose one. However, if you want the mop for more, any good value steam mop will work.

Can cleaning fluids and detergents be used in steam mops?

If your steam mop says water only, you cannot use cleaning fluids or detergents. Adding these fluids to the water will damage the internal components of the steam mop. You also run the risk of voiding your warranty through improper use.

There are few steam mops that allow additives. The cleaning and sanitizing power of the steam make them generally unnecessary. Some mops like the Bissell PowerFresh 1940 have fragrance disks to provide the scent you might want from detergents.

Do steam cleaners kill all types of mold?

Steam cleaners are not able to kill all types of mold. However, they are able to kill most types of mold found in houses. The mold that cannot be killed by steam cleaners are those that are heat resistant.

The mold and mildew found in bathrooms will be killed by a steam mop. As the steamer kills and removes mold, it does the same to microbes and dust mites. The microfiber pads used on the head will also remove allergens from your home.

While most mold in your home can be killed by a steam cleaner, there are certain areas where you should not use this. Painted walls and unglazed tiles should not be steam cleaned when they have mold. The steam will damage it and could increase moisture levels giving mold the environment it needs to thrive.

Can I get a steam mop with a vacuum?

It is possible to get a steam mop with a vacuum. These devices are more expensive and not as common as stand-alone steam mops and vacuums. Vacuum steam mop combinations are also larger than these devices on their own.

If you do want a combination cleaner, there are a few options on the market. You will be able to use the vacuum and steam mop functions on their own and at the same time. However, some people find combination cleaners do not clean as well as the stand-alone components.

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