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Last updated: November 02, 2019
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As fall hits home and the temperatures are dropping, you could find that there are some unwelcome guests that have made a decision to make a home of your home. The cooler season often dictates that rodents as well as other small-sized critters, start to look for a haven inside warm houses. That said, it’s a valid enough reason to make some preparations for whenever mouse season hits home.

 Mice and other rodents/ critters can be a nuisance but they can be much more than just that. They can rapidly take over what was originally intended to be your space alone, and they can damage that space as well as spread disease. So, prior to encountering your initial uninvited guest, or group of guests, you need to consider how to go about best defending your home from mice and other types of pests.

Remain on the offensive by finding out what the best ways are to eradicate mice. And by eradicate, that doesn’t necessarily mean exterminate. There are humane ways to eliminate the problem, too.

Buying Guide

Mouse traps, while they are, in general, of a similar size, and the prices do not tend to vary a whole lot (besides with regard to the electric mouse trap format), their functionality is less specific.

In fact, mouse traps aren’t only suited to catching mice. They, for the most part – at least the larger-sized traps – are capable of catching rodents in general, as well as voles, moles, squirrels, and even pesky insects like roaches (given that the trap is of the glue or sticky-surface type).

Because of the variety in function, and, to some extent, in size, prices do vary somewhat. Nevertheless, and again, in general, mouse/ rodent/ critter traps are extremely affordable little devices and most frequently, they come in packs of two or more.

To help you make your choice of mouse/ rodent/ small critter trap, our review team has made things easy by selecting what we feel is the best trap fit for different categories. Those categories are inclusive of best overall trap, best glue trap, best snap trap, best budget trap, and best humane trap. If you don’t find your mousetrap of choice here, chances are, you’ll not find it anywhere.

How about Trap Function?

 If you’ve already figured out how to remove all easy-access points to your home, and you’ve removed any potential food and water supply, but you’re still seeing some signs that mice may be around, you should focus on finding a mousetrap that works best, be that to kill off the rodents or to remove them from your home in a more humane fashion.

 There are several mouse trap types that can vary quite substantially in price, vary in how they are set up, and vary in design and function. The most common type of rodent trap is the snap trap. These rely on a trigger system and there are different kinds available: Clam, bar, and hidden kill.

When used correctly, the snap trap kills with swift precision. They can be a bit fiddly to set. Nevertheless, they are reusable, inexpensive, washable, and effective at completely knocking out a population.

Electric traps function by luring rodents inside a chamber. After this, they deliver a rapid, fatal shock of electricity. Electric traps vary a lot in price, from the cheapest end at around $15 up to more than $70. Effective, yes, but perhaps not the best choice for a mousetrap. Our team did not include any electric mouse traps in their roundup of the best of ‘em.

Sticky mouse traps comprize a board that comes with an adhesive substance on the topside. They can be made from plastic or cardboard, and involve almost zero setups. Generally, these traps don’t even call for baiting – the aroma given off by the sticky substance is often (though not always) plenty enough to attract the target.

Then there are the live-catch traps that are humane in nature. These traps, while they catch, they do not kill. Essentially, live-catch traps comprise either a chamber of sorts or a cage. The chamber/ cage is fitted with a trigger-activated door. When the mouse enters, the trap door springs shut and the mouse/ critter remains inside. This makes it easy to dispell the animal to a locale that is more amenable to yourself, if not the mouse/ critter.

1. Best Overall - Authenzo Mouse Trap


  •     Dimensions → 3.8 x 1.8 inch; 4.3 x 2 inch; 5.4 x 2.9 inch
  •     Weight → 0.7 pounds
  •     Material → ABS plastic/ polystyrene
  •     Action → Snap
  •     Color → Black

 Key Features:

  •     Pack of 6
  •     Range of 3 different sizes (see Specifications above)
  •     Washable and reusable
  •     100% money-back guarantee

Authenzo Mouse Trap Pack of 6 Review

The Authenzo snap action mouse trap is said to kill mice more effectively and more efficiently than other traps – the more traditional traps – made from metal or wood. Our review team put the Authenzo through its paces and found that, indeed, it was/ is very effective.

Can’t really say one way or the other if it is more effective than metal or wood traps – there are many different metal and wood traps still on the market. The trap triggers with a force of only 15 grams (0.033 pounds). That does sound very light indeed, but we found that it’s not trigger happy enough to catch baby mice.

Not that we particularly wanted to catch those little critters, but you know how it is. Nevertheless, the Authenzo still gets gold as our best overall mouse trap. Keep reading to find out why.

 The traps – remember, you get six of them (and for an extraordinarily low price!) – are made of highly durable ABS plastic. That makes each trap easy to wash (very important for dispelling aromas). Plus, the plastic does not stain, nor does it absorb odors – quite unlike the traditional wood mouse traps. It doesn’t rust, either.

The bait trap – it’s relatively straightforward to set and it is safe – very little chance of snapping any fingers. You set the bait trap by pressing the mouse trap’s “tail” and it’s ready to fire. Essentially, this means you don’t need to use your fingers to set the trap, which comes as a relief (it’s not a pleasure to have a finger caught in a snap-trap-type mouse trap!).

This also means that you don’t actually need to pick up the dead mouse to dispose of it. Instead, you pick up the entire trap. While these mouse traps are said to be safe for pets and for children, it’s certainly not to say you should encourage pets to sniff around them, or children to play around with them.

Far from it! Make sure the traps are not accessible to either pets or children. And if you do wish to release the trap after it’s been set, don’t stuff your fingers in there. Instead, use some kind of tool or a stick to release the trap. Authenzo mouse traps come in a choice of three different sizes: 3.8 x 1.8 inch; 4.3 x 2 inch; 5.4 x 2.9 inches.

 If, for whatever reason, you’re not happy with your purchase, simply get in touch with the seller and they will either provide you with a new set of traps as a replacement or your money back.

  •     Great price
  •     Easy to wash and non-stainable
  •     Relatively safe to set up
  •     100% refund guaranteed
  • Some customers reported problems with the traps right out of the box (our review team had no issues)

2. Best Glue - KINGMAN Glue Trap


  •     Dimensions → 5.25 x 0.75 x 10.5 inch
  •     Weight → 0.45 pounds
  •     Material → polyisobutylene (the glue) and plastic (the board)
  •     Action → Glue
  •     Color → Black

 Key Features:

  •     Comes in packs of 2, 4, 10, 12, 24, 196
  •     Safe, non-toxic glue
  •     Large size for mice and rats
  •     100% money-back guarantee

KINGMAN Mouse Trap Rat Trap Glue Trap/Board Review

We will kick off our review of the Kingman Mouse and Rat Traps (we say “traps” because even when you buy a single box you get two traps) by saying these mouse/ rat traps are excellent value for money.

They are relatively heavy at 0.45 pounds for each trap, so that provides stability, security, and strength if you see what we mean.

The traps are ideal for pretty much anywhere – your home, in a restaurant, in an office, in a warehouse, in a hospital, or wherever else you can think of.

The traps are not only suited to catching mice and rats, but you can also use them to catch other small pests like roaches. They will even catch squirrels. Not that it’s likely you wish to catch squirrels. But if you do…

Kingman Traps are non-toxic – the glue is non-toxic. That means they are safe to use with children and pets around. They are easily disposed of and there’s no need to touch the mouse/ rat/ roach etc. when, erm, disposing of them.

To get the best results, simply add the bait (ideally peanut butter, chocolate, soft cheese, nuts, or bread crumbs) to the central area of the trap. This way, the critter will make its way to the center space, thereby getting completely and utterly stuck. Or that’s the theory.

If you get the glue from the trap on your shoe i.e. you accidentally step onto a trap (it does happen), use paint thinner to get the glue off or else you’ll have a very sticky shoe for some time to come!

  •     Particularly effective for catching mice, rats, and other vermin (cockroaches, etc.)
  •     Excellent value for money
  •     Child- and pet-friendly (within reason, of course)
  •     Very easy to use
  •     Customers report that rats, in particular, are able to free themselves by eating the glue

3. Best Value - FCHYNNF Mouse Trap


  •     Dimensions →  3.85 x 1.85 x 2.25 inch
  •     Weight → 0.99 pounds
  •     Material → Plastic/ polystyrene
  •     Action → Snap
  •     Color → Black

Key Features:

  •     Comes in packs of 10
  •     Highly competitive price ($2.00/ trap)
  •     Easy clean, non-absorbant, hard durable plastic
  •     Reusable

FCHYNNF Mouse Trap Review

Well, to be completely honest with you, any of our category picks – best overall mouse traps, best glue traps, best snap traps, or best humane mouse traps – any and all of them are excellent value for money. So, and as such, our reviewing team is happy to give the big thumbs up to each product we’ve reviewed here as being entirely suitable as a winner of our best budget mouse trap category, too.

However, we have to pick one, so here it is… FCHYNNF Mouse Trap pack of 10. The FCHYNNF Mouse Trap comes with snap-trap functionality. And because when you purchase one single pack you get 10 traps, the FCHYNNF wins out as our best budget category pick ($2.00 per trap).

Again, and as with the other snap-trap type mouse traps we’ve featured in our reviews, the FCHYNNF is easier and faster (and safer) to set up than the traditional wood and metal traps. To set the trap, add the bait, then simply press the mouse trap’s “tail.” That’s a job done!

The polystyrene/ ABS plastic construction makes the trap durable, washable, and odor- and stain-free. It’s also a pretty rigid set up so it is built to last. FCHYNNF Mouse Traps don’t just eliminate mice. They are suited to the extermination of rats, squirrels, chipmunks, voles, squirrels, and any critter of a similar size.

Needless to say, as a snap-trap type mouse/ rat trap, the FCHYNNF should be kept well away from children and pets.

  •     Highly competitive price ($2.00/ trap)
  •     Easy clean, non-absorbant, hard durable plastic/ polystyrene
  •     Durable construction
  •     Reusable
  •   None at all that we could find during testing 

4. Best Snap - PIC Simple Trap


  •     Dimensions →  10.2 x 4 inch
  •     Weight → 0.95 pounds
  •     Material → Plastic
  •     Action → Snap
  •     Color → Black

Key Features:

  •     Comes in packs of 8
  •     Highly competitive price ($2.25/ trap)
  •     Easy clean, non-absorbant, hard durable plastic
  •     Reusable

PIC Simple Set Mouse Trap (8-Pack) Review

The PIC Simple mouse traps are quite easy to set up and use. You can set them up indoors or outdoors.

With the snap functionality, this durable-plastic mouse trap works in the same way as the traditional wood or metal traps. The only difference being, it’s easier to add the bait and set the trap. To set it, simply press the red-tipped pedal. To “dispatch” the mouse, you just open up the lock and drop the mouse into the trash or wherever your preference for dead body disposal may be.

While they are easy to set up, the PIC Simple Mouse Traps should be kept away from children and pets. So be sure to establish each trap in a safe place, well away from the eyes (and noses) of children and pets.

In one single pack, you get a total of eight traps, so there’s plenty enough for your indoor and outdoor areas. There’s no need for any poison with a snap-type mouse trap. Rather, as the bait, it’s advisable to use chocolate, soft cheese, nuts, bread crumbs, or peanut butter.

And, if you’re not happy with your purchase, for whatever reason, get in touch with the seller and they will provide you with a replacement of your purchase or a full refund. 

  • Great price
  • Reusable
  • No poison required
  • Easy clean
  • None that we became aware of during testing

5. Best Humane - CaptSure Original


  •     Dimensions →  6.7 x 2.4 x 2.5 inch
  •     Weight → 0.28 pounds
  •     Material → Plastic
  •     Action → Trap door
  •     Color → Opaque brown/ Opaque green

Key Features:

  •     Comes in packs of 2
  •     2 different sizes available
  •     Completely humane
  •     Easy clean, non-absorbant, hard durable plastic
  •     Reusable

CaptSure Original Humane Mouse Traps Review

The CaptSure Original Humane Mouse Traps are 100% humane. The catch-and-release functionality means there’s no pain, no cruelty, and no killing. CaptSure – the company – have been endorsed by various animal rights organizations and humane societies in the U.S. and globally.

The CaptSure is the first, and only, rodent trap that we’ve reviewed that is completely safe for use around children and pets. There’s no glue, no poison, no electricity, no chemicals, and no snapping.

When relocating a trapped mouse, you don’t actually have to handle the rodent (sigh of relief?). There’s zero physical contact involved, so no chance of catching some horrible disease or being bitten.

It’s a simplistic type of trap to set up. Once caught/ captured, just take the rodent to a place you prefer for release. We found, during testing, that the trap door was sensitive enough to work every time.

(Do note that when releasing rodents, make sure to do so some distance from your home/ place where the trap was originally set. Otherwise, rodents can find their way back “home” soon enough. A suitable distance would be no less than a couple of miles).

To set the trap up, position your bait of choice (peanut butter or chocolate is the bait of choice for mice) inside the opaque compartment. Open up the spring door. Position your trap. And that’s it!

The trap is easy to clean, odor-free, stain-free, and completely reusable (as often as you like). It’s a waterproof trap so you can wash it when you need to and you can set it outside in the rain.

It’s also opaque: You can see through the trap. And for obvious reasons – you can see when the thing has caught a rodent or whatever. A further benefit of this trap is that there’s no possibility of snapping your fingers!

With your ethical trap purchase, you also get a user manual together with a free ebook about catching mice. Interesting stuff! The CaptSure trap is suited to a variety of different rodents, as well as voles, shrews and other small-sized critters.

And, to top it all off, if you’re not entirely satisfied with your purchase, send it back and you get a new set of traps or your money back.

  •     Completely humane
  •     Safe for use around children and pets
  •     Competitive price (2 traps in every pack)
  •     Durable, washable, hard-wearing, long-lasting
  •     No snapping of fingers!
  •     Customers report the door mechanism does not always function properly

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Mouse Traps

What is the most effective mouse trap?

The most effective mouse trap may not be the mouse trap that fits in with your personal ethics. What that means is, perhaps you’re the sort of person with a particularly humane nature.

If so, we would suggest that the mouse trap to fit would be our pick for the best humane mouse trap category winner - the Captsure Original Humane Mouse Trap.

Otherwise, though, and we’re 100% convinced that our best overall category winner - the Authenzo Mouse Trap Pack of 6 - offers excellent “service” and tip-top value for money. Both of these traps are reviewed up above so we will not bore you with any details here.

What foods kill mice?

In a period of around six months, a couple of mice can consume over four pounds of food - yes, that can include your food. Moreover, in the same timeframe, a couple of mice can deposit as much as 18,000 droppings.

That’s not something you really want to have going on in your household. So, rather than using bait and trap, are there any foodstuffs that do, in fact, kill mice? Yes, indeed there are. Mice like to consume foods that are high in sugar and fats.

It’s these foods that we prefer to use as baits for a trap. But that’s not entirely necessary, given that chocolate, in of itself, will kill mice if enough of it is consumed.

Apparently, chocolate, a food that as humans we generally love, can, in fact, kill mice outright. And, it is said that chocolate-covered peanuts are ideal for killing mice because the little critters can’t get enough of them (perhaps you suffer the same temptation?)

Furthermore, while not all mice enjoy a glass of soda, some do. Well, perhaps not an entire glass, but a sip here and there. Cola is said to be an effective way to eradicate mice. Why so? It’s because mice are not able to belch or to vomit.

Their digestive tracts are not capable of dealing with carbonated beverages. In turn, when mice do consume carbonated liquids, they become bloated and can, given repeated and persistent sippings, perish.

Otherwise, however, as we’ve stated in our reviews up above, typical and highly effective trap baits include soft cheeses, chocolate, seeds, peanut butter, and bread crumbs.

Are mice smart enough to avoid traps?

Let’s put it this way: Are mice smart enough to wisen up enough to realize that for every mouse that’s vanished, it did so because it was caught in a trap?
No, not truthful.

Mice may begin to avoid traps for a variety of reasons. But it’s not because they figured out that sister or brother was caught in a trap so they themselves best avoid it.

They, mice, have a particularly good sense of smell. Thus, if they have a tendency for avoiding a trap, it could very well be that the trap has a human aroma.

That human aroma is enough to keep a mouse at bay - to avoid going near the trap. That said, to avoid such incidents, it’s good practice to wear gloves whenever you are handling a mousetrap.

Plus, give your trap/s a thorough cleansing from time to time. Whenever a mouse is eradicated with either a snap-type trap or an electric-style trap, if that dead mouse is left to “sit” for a day or more, other mice can smell it from afar.

If the trap is not thoroughly cleaned prior to rebating, other mice can still smell the perished mouse. Those other mice are not going to be overly intent on visiting what to them is now a proven death trap.

Though, again, that’s not to say they figure it out to be a death trap. They just avoid the aroma. So, just to reiterate: Mice detect human aromas. Mice also detect the smell of dead mice. Try to avoid both when setting up your mouse traps.

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