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Last updated: October 31, 2019
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Compact. Extra Slim
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Durable. Great Design
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Sleek. Stylish
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Bi-Folding Case. Sophisticated
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Great Protection. Adjustable Kickstand
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When it comes to iPads, they are some of the most useful tablets on the market. Through the years, Apple have brought out some truly magnificent devices. At point of release, each iPad has been graphically superior to its predecessor and to the recent releases from other manufacturers. It’s unsurprising that Apple is a name that’s synonymous with quality.

What to Keep an Eye out for

They’ve always been incredibly useful, especially considering the portability that all tablets offer and the specs that Apple’s iPad is able to offer. Even though iPads pack a punch when it comes to specs, they can’t take much physical punishment before being rendered unusable. That’s exactly why we’re looking at the best way to protect them, which is by using a case. We cover the two main elements below.

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to what truly makes the best iPad case. In reality, it depends on what you want and need as to which case is best for you, so make sure you spend some time thinking about what you need in an iPad case. If you travel, make sure you prioritise protection. If you only use it around the house but live somewhere hot, then maybe go for the Urban Premium Folio Case from ESR, as it has amazing ventilation.

red ipad case

The best iPad case for protection has to be the OtterBox Defender. It’s very expensive compared to all the other phone cases, but it could save you a lot of money if you’re always dropping your iPad. The best iPad case for appearance is pretty subjective too, but objectively speaking it probably has to be a two-way tie between the Ztotop Case and Urban Premium Folio Case.


The most important aspect of an iPad case is its ability to protect your iPad from the typical physical punishment that comes from daily use. A case with a good level of protection can not only add years to the operating life of the iPad, but can also keep it from superficial damage like scratches that can lower the value. That’s why it’s always wise to think of an iPad case as an investment.


Apple iPads always pack a good amount of style with a modern look that, when they were first released, felt rather futuristic. But in this day and age where space exploration is becoming more and more tangible, it’s gone from looking futuristic to straight-up modern. If you’re dropping the money on an iPad, it’s smart to make sure you keep enough back to be able to get a good enough case for it. The best tablet on the market deserves the best cases on the market.

Colour selection is an important factor when it comes to the perfect iPad case. The best cases on the market should cater for a wide range of tastes in terms of colour. With the gorgeous white that Apple is known for, there are plenty of colours to complement. Even with a black iPad, there are plenty of coloured cases that will suit both your style and needs.


Not all iPads were created equal. Some are bigger or smaller than others, making it necessary that you check that the case you intend to buy explicitly states that it will fit your model. This avoids the headache that comes from having to return/resend before ordering one that works for you.

1. Best Choice - Khomo Dual iPad Case


  • Reinforced Corners – The added protection of reinforced corners benefits the more accident prone Apple user. Still worth getting AppleCare though.
  • Auto Sleep/Wake System – There’s almost no need to turn your iPad off with this feature. Put simply, when you close the case and cover the iPad, it goes to sleep. When you open it back up again, it’ll automatically wake up.
  • Wide Range of Viewing Angles – It can be a challenge to find the right angle to watch videos or design graphics, especially when lying down or sitting on the ground in order to facilitate interpersonal collaboration.
  • Rubberised Polycarbonate Backing – The Khomo Dual does well to take into account the slip and slide that comes with iPad ownership, in particular when using it on smooth surfaces. It’s made worse when the surface is smooth, but also abrasive enough to leave scratches. With the Dual Case that’s no longer a problem, with little to no unintentional movement occurring on smooth surfaces.

Khomo Dual iPad Case Review

The Khomo Dual is a nice and sleek, compact and extra slim option that gives us a wonderful note to kick the guide off on. The Dual is available in a variety of colours, including two-tonal options, making it the case of choice for those who are very specific about how their tech compliments their clothing.

For added protection, the corners of the Dual’s case are reinforced, giving it that extra bit of damage resistance to thrust it from desire to necessity. The only issue that some may have is that it doesn’t fit all iPads. The Khomo Dual focuses on iPads 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation iPads with the 9.7 inch screen. This means if you have the 12.9” Pro, you’re out of luck.

All in all, this is definitely a wonderful case for those with a 9.7 inch screen iPad. It’s a solid contender, especially for utility. Having the ability to tilt it slightly for when you’re working or position it vertically on its side when you’re watching videos is incredibly handy.

To add a cherry on top of what is a pretty tasty sundae, the Khomo Dual case makes it just as easy to access jacks and ports as it would be if your iPad didn’t have a case at all.

  • Sleek
  • Compact
  • Extra Slim
  • Not suitable for the 12.9” screen iPads

2. Premium Pick - ESR Yippee Tri Fold Smart Case


  • Strong and Sturdy Materials – This case was made with stability in mind. It’s not just good for the protection of the iPad, but also makes the strong foundation for you to position your iPad how you want to. With the strong magnets used, it provides a strong and stable base for you to work from.
  • Faster Sleep/Wake – The strong magnets aren’t just there to keep the case closed or secured in a certain position. Because of the strong magnets, there’s a smaller delay between opening the case and auto-waking.
  • Precision in Design – Because the design and manufacturer of the Yippee Tri Fold, you’ll have no problems like partial speaker blockage. Every external feature that shouldn’t be covered isn’t with this design. Smart indeed.
  • Good for Work and Play – The trifold design is useful for typing (work) or watching/reading content (play). If you need to do any work on the go, this is definitely a wonderful option for you.

ESR Yippee Tri Fold Smart Case Review

Although ESR’s Yippee Tri Fold is a bit chunkier than the Khomo Dual, it has a lot more protection capability. It’s thicker, but the leather and stronger magnet makes sure that you’re not going to open any bag you store this in to find your iPad screen scratched to no end, provided you closed it properly prior to putting it in the bag.

The PU leather on the exterior is a solid and sturdy choice for protecting an iPad, whereas the microfiber lining is a lovely and soft option to cradle your screen while the case is closed.

Much like the Khomo Dual, the Yippee Tri Fold has a reliable auto wake/sleep functionality, making it much more convenient. There’s only one big downside to this case, and that’s the limited compatibility, with it only being compatible with models from 2017/2018.

There are plenty of reasons to love this case, including the precise design, stability and protection found in this case. If you have an iPad that wasn’t made in 2017 or 2018, your iPad isn’t going to be compatible with this case, so avoid even trying. At just shy of $16, this case is practically a steal given the advantages and protection it brings.

  • Durable
  • Great design
  • Good for work and play
  • Limited compatibility

3. Best Value - MoKo Case Fit


  • Auto Wake/Sleep – The MoKo Case is equipped with the same sort of mag-strip technology that is found in competing cases, meaning in this respect most of the cases are equal.
  • Beastly Beauty – MoKo went above and beyond when designing the aesthetics for this one. A translucent backing on the case means you can still show off the status symbol that is the Apple logo while protecting your iPad from your surroundings.
  • Superb Ingredients, Superb Product – From durable and stylish PU leather, to a soft and gentle microfiber lining, the MoKo Case has collated some amazing materials and turned them into an iPad case that users can be proud to parade around.

MoKo Case Fit Review

The MoKo Case Fit is another one designed for the 2017/2018 generation of iPads. Visually speaking, it looks slim, sleek and stylish. There’s a lot of love for the MoKo Case, with a 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon from people who own it saying a lot more than the product listing ever could.

Another trifold, it has multiple viewing angles available depending on what you’re doing, giving it versatility in how it satisfies your needs.

Not a lot of bad things can be said about the Moko Case. Its biggest flaw comes down to the fact it’s only designed for the 2017/2018 generation of iPads. But if you’ve got an iPad from that generation and you value a good amount of function with a huge amount of style, then the MoKo Case Fit comes highly recommended.

  • Slim
  • Sleek
  • Stylish
  • It’s only designed for the 2017/2018 generation of iPads

4. Best Design - Ztotop Case


  • Wake/Sleep Function – When you open up the case the iPad wakes up, and when you close it the iPad goes to sleep. Nothing different to all the others here with the wake/sleep function.
  • Front Pocket – Something that a lot of the iPad cases on the market is storage space. A front pocket that is ideal for documents is a lovely addition to such a majestic product.
  • Style, Quality, Substance – On top of being such a suave choice, it uses the best materials available on the market, ensuring high quality from start to finish.

Ztotop Case Review

The Ztotop case isn’t like the others. The vast majority of the case you see for iPads tend to be geared more towards the younger generations who value style above substance. The Ztotop is an outlier, especially when you consider the style of the case.

It’s mature, sophisticated, some might even say refined. It still packs the same automatic wake/sleep function, but unlike a lot of the others on the list, it’s a bi-folding case.

If James Bond carried an iPad in a case, he’d use this case. It’s something that’s ideal for professionals given the functionality of the case itself, and the aesthetic that is definitely suitable for every professional from the lowest assistant, right up through to a seat on the board.

It’s bi-folding structure means you haven’t quite got the same level of customizability with viewing angles, but all in all no one can fault the no-nonsense approach taken here.

  • Bi-folding case
  • Stylish
  • Not much customizablity options

5. Most Durable - New Trent Gladius Case


  • Shock Protection – The Gladius Case is certainly something to behold. It’s able to do its job well, which is to protect the iPad wearing it from as much damage as possible.
  • Lens and Screen Protection – By utilising raised edges around the screen and the camera lens, the Gladius case will help to avoid all but the most serious of incidents that would otherwise damage the iPad.
  • Cool Rotatable Hand-Strap – The hand-strap is attached to a rotatable plate that lets you spin your iPad around to your heart’s content.
  • Adjustable Kickstand – Whether you enjoy your videos horizontally or vertically, the Gladius Case has you covered. The metal kickstand is attached to the rotatable plate, meaning you can choose to stand your iPad whichever way you prefer.

New Trent Gladius Case Review

There are two main points that make this case unique. The first is the fact that it isn’t a foldable case, but instead a solid piece. The second and most intriguing, is that this case can take quite the beating without damaging the iPad inside.

Clearly the fan favourite so far, the Gladius is something special according to those who’ve bought it. It offers total scratch protection, including an integrated screen protector, along with a leather hand-strap and a metal kick-stand. It may not be as suave as the Ztotop Case, but it’s definitely stronger.

The Gladius Case is certainly something special, and everyone who’s bought it agrees. With over 1000 ratings, averaging 5*s can prove an insurmountable task. That’s not the case for the Gladius, with it being beloved by the majority of its 1000 reviewers.

  • Total scratch protection
  • Adjustable kickstand
  • Great durability
  • It’s not foldable

6. Most Compatible - JETech Case


  • Multiple Viewing Angles – Tri-fold cases like this one give a bit more freedom when setting up for typing and viewing, as the extra crease can often be taken advantage of. This is one of the main reasons why it’s easier to go from a bi-fold to a tri-fold than it is the other way around.
  • Massive Compatibility Levels – You’ll be hard-pressed to find an iPad that JETech haven’t built this case for. You’ll also find it just as challenging to find a case with the same level of compatibility.

JETech Case Review

A lifetime warranty for a protective case for an iPad is a bold statement. If that doesn’t say “We believe in our product”, I don’t know what does. Like all the others, the wake/sleep function is present alongside the multiple viewing angles that a tri-fold case brings.

To add to the wonderful benefit of a lifetime warranty, it doesn’t matter what type of iPad you have, the JETech case is available for all generations of iPad.

It’s refreshing to see a case manufacturer bring something new to the table. Other manufacturers of iPad cases have varying degrees of compatibility, but nobody offers a lifetime warranty card, especially not for free. Between that and the two standing positions, it’s easy to see why it’s not only 4.5 out of 5 according to almost 2,000 people, but also an Amazon’s Choice product.

  • A lifetime warranty
  • Customizable
  • A bit pricey

7. Most Stylish - SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro


  • Two-piece system – The front piece is a border-case with a built-in screen cover, which is fitted securely into a thermo-polyurethane back-plate. Thermo-polyurethane, which the back-plate is made of, is kind of a hybrid between rubber and plastic. It’s oil, grease and scratch resistant, while having a startling shock absorption capability.
  • 360 Degrees of Protection – If you drop it on its back, the shock will be absorbed without much fuss. If you drop it screen first, no need to panic. Because of the raised edges used to protect both the screen and the camera lens, in most cases there won’t even be contact during impact for the lens or the screen.
  • Landscape Kickstand – Not only is the kickstand nice and thick, meaning it’s less likely to fall over if someone bumps the table, it’s oriented for landscape viewing. Given the best way to do a lot of things on a tablet is landscape, which makes this an ideal kickstand in every way.

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Review

Authoritative, handsome, rugged, who knew these words could be used to describe an iPad case? The Unicorn Beetle Pro (UBP) is a prime choice for those looking for optimal protection without wanting to compromise on style.

Another addition to this list to have won the accolade of Amazon’s Choice, the UBP has substantially more lovers than haters after over 1800 ratings. Although integrated screen protectors aren’t all that common, they can be very useful, and the UBP would be the case to use to drive that point home.

The UBP is an amazing case from start to finish. The only problem that may arise is that although the UBP is available for the majority of iPads, it may not be available for all of them.

The best advice is to do your research, and make sure you triple check the size of your device and ensure that your model number (found on the back) is supported. If your device is supported, this would be the most durable choice money can buy.

  • Optimal protection
  • Durable
  • Stylish
  • Not available for all of the iPads

8. Best Ventilation - ESR Urban Premium


  • High Ventilation – With some of the more protective cases, there’s a small overheating risk if using too many intensive apps at once. With the UPF Case, that’s not an issue.
  • Adjustable Viewing Angles – Like some other tri-folds, there are two standing positions available as well as the typing position. The two standing positions is great if you use public transport or go somewhere with low tables or surfaces.
  • iPad Mini Friendly – Whether you have a 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th generation iPad Mini, the UPF Case is definitely a compatible option and on top of that, its stylish exterior texture comes in a good range of colours, most of which are solid choices depending on your style.

ESR Urban Premium Folio Case Review

Compatible with pretty much every iPad, including generations 1-4 of the iPad Mini, ESR’s Urban Premium Folio (UPF) Case is something that holds a lot of promise.

It’s a lot less durable than the likes of the Gladius Case and the UBP Case, using hollowed-out polycarbonate for a lighter, better ventilated back-plate. The standard wake/sleep function is present, but the addition of an Apple pen holder is new to this list and is definitely convenient.

There’s a lot of competition on this list, and unless you’re an iPad Mini owner, the competition really does outshine this case. The level of protection is nowhere near where most people would expect it to be, there’s no obviously advertised warranty, there are plenty of devices it’s not compatible with and if held open in portrait mode, it will fall down.

There’s just not enough good points here to outweigh the bad enough to conquer the competition.

  • High ventilation
  • iPad mini Friendly
  • Not so durable

9. Best High-End - OtterBox Defender


  • 3 Insane Layers of Protection – The triple layered protection system that this case uses would likely stand up to the biggest threat to expensive technology in any household, young children.
  • Dust and Dirt Protection – OtterBox’s Defender Case comes with port plugs that stop dust and dirt. This is the only case that comes with that as standard.
  • Lifetime Warranty – Although the warranty doesn’t cover you actively putting the Defender Case through its paces, it does cover defects and faults on the manufacturer’s side. For example, if your iPad falls off the table onto the floor and breaks, then it’s covered.

OtterBox Defender Case Review

The OtterBox has a high-end price-tag and is certainly one of the better protective cases the iPad case market has seen. With the OtterBox Defender being more than five times as expensive as other options on the list, you might expect it to be five times better and based on the ratings from people who’ve bought and used one, it is.

Three layers of protection are used, starting with an inner shell, followed by the outer cover, and finished by a screen protector. If we were to test the protection levels of each case on this list by using increasingly brutal forms of punishment, odds are this one would be crowned the victor.

This is definitely the toughest case on the list, but it’s also the most expensive by quite a margin. According to the people who’ve bought and used it, the Defender Case is definitely worth the money and should be considered an investment, given how much people need to spend to acquire iPads in the first place.

If you’ve got the $80+ to buy this case, it’s the best on the market for protection.

  • Dust and dirt protection
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Expensive

Frequently Asked Questions: Best iPad Cases

Do I need a case for my iPad?

Given how much you’ve spent on an iPad, it’d be wise to spend a much smaller amount on a case that could potentially make the difference between it being perfectly fine and rendered unusable.

What size should I get for my iPad?

The size of the case you need depends on the size of your iPad. If you’ve got a 2017/2018 model iPad with a 9.7 inch screen, then you’ll want a 9.7 inch case.

Double check the specs of any case you plan on buying against the model number on the back of your iPad. Even if a case is the right size, but isn’t listed as compatible, don’t buy it.

What is the best protection for an iPad?

A combination of two things is recommended for the best level of protection. The first is to get the OtterBox Defender iPad case if your iPad is compatible with the case. The second is to get insurance that covers theft and accidental damage.

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