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Last updated: October 31, 2019
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Most of us don’t think of hair straighteners as an important investment. Chances are that the last three or four hair straighteners you’ve used had been generic, faceless products that didn’t stand out in any way – and whose names you can’t remember. 

But giving your next purchase some thought can pay off in a big way. A poorly-built hair straightener can permanently damage your hair, making an already difficult situation even worse. Even a great product that isn’t a good match for your needs can end up being nearly useless. 

Choosing a product that is right for you can help save a lot of precious time. A good hair straightener will make your styling routine a breeze for years to come. We’ve compiled a list of tried and tested, high-end products, all of which fit the bill. The only question is – which one is the one for you?

On the whole, your hair is a fun, interesting avenue by which you can explore and express your personal style. But don’t you sometimes wish that it could be just a tad more well behaved? We feel for you – dealing with your hair can just as easily turn into a struggle that is difficult to manage.

This is where hair straighteners come in. A good hair straightener, used properly, is an indispensable tool that can save you a lot of trouble. Hair straighteners are surprisingly diverse – they all accomplish the same goal but can occupy completely different niches and specializations.

Choosing a high-quality product that is well suited to your specific needs can make a world of difference concerning your style and routine. We’ve reviewed five great products, factoring in price, size, weight, build quality and special features to bring you a list that includes only the very best of the best.

1. Best Overall - Panasonic Nanoe


  • Length→ 11.3 inches
  • Voltage → 100V- 240V
  • Temperature → 270F – 395F
  • Weight → 9.9 oz 


  • Patented nanoe technology
  • 5 temperature settings
  • Smooth ceramic plates 
  • Ergonomic design


If you’re free of any budgetary restraints, the best choice is a durable, powerful, well-built all-rounder – and the Panasonic Nanoe fits the profile. It’s a superb product that stands out, offering top-notch performance in a variety of areas.

State Of The Art Design

Every inch of the Panasonic Nanoe inspires confidence. The design of this product is modern, sleek, and user-friendly. The slim body of the straightener has a thumb groove which allows for a natural, comfortable grip, and the ratio of size to weight is perfect.

The contoured head of the nanoe enhances the already impressive ergonomics, and an 8.5 ft long swivel cord allows for a lot of maneuverability and quite a large range of motion. The nanoe is easy to handle, and when all is said and done, it is quite easy to use.

The large, 4-inch ceramic plates can easily make quick work of a large amount of hair, and glide effortlessly through hair regardless of texture. The current temperature is clearly displayed on the inside of the straightener. A unique outlet placed near the tip of the straightener emits moisture-rich particles that help preserve your hair’s natural shine, but we’ll go into more detail on this later.

Impressive Performance 

The Panasonic Nanoe has 5 heat settings, which range from 270F to 395F. The differences between the settings are relatively small, meaning that you are safe to experiment with different styles and techniques. Overall, the Nanoe can meet most demands superbly.

The contoured shape of the straightener’s head makes reaching down to the very roots of your hair an easy task. While you’re styling, the smooth ceramic plates provide a uniform, gentle, and even amount of pressure to your hair, which reduces the likelihood of heat damage. Even the overall design of the press helps with maintaining an even amount of tension. 

These plates use even heat distribution technology, making them both safer and more efficient when compared to conventional plates. The Nanoe features a high-recovery heater that can easily maintain temperature. It takes about half a minute for the Nanoe to reach the desired level of heat.

This hair straightener’s most unique feature by far is patented nanoe technology. A small outlet draws moisture from the air, which is then turned into atomized water particles that are dispersed as you’re styling your hair. 

This approach accomplishes a lot of the same things that negative ionic technology does, but in a different, more efficient way. These atomized particles penetrate the hair shafts, delivering moisture and ensuring a smooth, glossy look.

A Worthwhile Investment

The Panasonic Nanoe is a stand-out product that can rise to any occasion. It’s a well-thought-out, durable, and powerful piece of kit. The specifications and features are remarkably impressive, to say the least.

For such a premium product, it’s strikingly easy to use. The ergonomic design and versatile heat settings will allow you to almost effortlessly pull off any style. It incorporates groundbreaking technology into its design but still manages to feel familiar.

We wholeheartedly endorse it as our best overall pick. The downsides are few and far between – even so, none of them carry much weight. It does cost a fair amount of money, but it will perform admirably for years – in the end, the price tag is completely justified.

  • Premium build quality
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic
  • Innovative technology
  • Price
  • Slightly large

2. Best Travel - Lovani Mini


  • Length→ 7.1 inches
  • Voltage → 100V- 240V
  • Temperature → 410F
  • Weight → 6.1 oz 


  • Dual voltage
  • Ceramic tourmaline plates
  • PTC heating technology 
  • Heat resistant bag included


Let’s get something straight – you don’t have to sacrifice comfort and style when traveling. And while most hair straighteners are bulky and difficult to transport, there are a lot of travel-friendly models out there. They can give you the means to meet all of your styling needs, even on the go.

Portable and Convenient 

Lovani’s mini hair straightener is a small, lightweight, compact product that doesn’t compromise when it comes to power or features. It’s available at a very affordable price point, and for such a diminutive hair straightener, it manages to bring the heat, along with a lot of versatility.

The Lovani mini weighs in at just 6.1 ounces, with a length of 7.1 inches. Finding enough space for this hair straightener when packing won’t be an issue. The heat resistant bag which is included with the product is also great for traveling. It makes packing and storing this product a breeze, and the rear pocket is the perfect place to keep the power cord.

Now let’s move on to design. The Lovani mini has a sleek, rounded look to it, supplemented by a matte black finish. It’s obvious that ergonomics were a priority – the lightweight, non-slip materials, and comfortable handles make this a very user-friendly hair straightener. It handles well, and heat dissipation won’t be an issue

Meaningful Features 

The Lovani mini uses 3D floating plates, which allow for better contact with hair. The plates also adapt to the thickness of your hair, allowing for a lot of versatility. 

The PTC heating tech that this product uses allows for rapid heating. It takes about 30 seconds for the Lovani to reach its intended heat of 410F. One of the few drawbacks is the temperature setting – unfortunately, it is fixed. This doesn’t detract too much from such an otherwise impressive product, but we would have liked to have seen some more versatility in that area.

The Lovani mini also makes use of ionic technology. Negative ions help reduce static, thereby combatting frizziness. This is further improved by the ceramic tourmaline which is used in the construction of the heating plates. Ceramic tourmaline does two things – it releases additional negative ions when exposed to heat, and ensures faster, more even heating. 

Dual Voltage

And last but not least, this is a dual voltage product. This is a huge boon to those that travel often. The Lovani mini can be used overseas, as it works with voltages ranging from 100 to 240V. 

You don’t need a voltage converter to use this product. However, you should keep in mind that the shape of power outlets varies from country to country. If you are planning on using this product abroad, make sure to purchase and pack an appropriate outlet adapter for your destination.

When all is said and done, this hair straightener manages to pack an impressive list of features into a small package. It does have a few shortcomings, none of which take away too much from our overall impression. If this product ends up being your choice, all of your hair styling’s needs while traveling will be met. 

  • Small and lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Dual Voltage
  • Powerful features
  • Fixed temperature
  • Too small to handle long, thick hair

3. Best 2-In-1 - Horatii Straightener and Curling Iron


  • Length→ 11.7 inches
  • Voltage → 110- 240V
  • Temperature → 248F – 446F
  • Weight → 1.65 lb


  • 12 temperature settings
  • 3D floating plates
  • Dual voltage
  • Doubles as a curling iron


A good hair straightener is worth its weight in gold. It follows that one that can double as a curling iron must be worth twice its weight in gold. Investing in a 2-in-1 product is a great way to make a worthwhile purchase that will make your hair care routine quicker, simpler, and more efficient.


In general, 2-in-1 or hybrid products are often unnecessarily complex, with subpar performance in either category and steep learning curves. Horatii’s product manages to avoid all of these pitfalls.

For starters, this 2-in-1 hair straightener has a real-time LCD display that clearly shows the current temperature. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran with numerous skirmishes in the field of styling hair under your belt or a hesitant novice, this is a handy feature. The digital display can be switched from Fahrenheit to Celsius by simultaneously holding down the + and – buttons for a second.

The Horatii 2-in-1 uses 3D floating plates which automatically adjust grip strength in accordance with hair volume and texture. The 360-degree swivel cord is quite long and built with durability in mind. Although it is thick, it isn’t heavy and manages to retain a great degree of flexibility.

Very Adaptable 

The Horatii 2-in-1 features 12 different heat settings, ranging from 248F to 446F. It also makes use of ionic technology. Ceramic tourmaline is used in the construction of the heating plates, and this material provides a lot of benefits to the overall performance.

Tourmaline emits negative ions when exposed to heat, thereby combating static and frizziness. At the same time, ceramic materials provide great temperature retention and an even distribution of heat.

When these two materials are combined with the 3D floating plates, the result is an easy to use product that will effortlessly glide through your hair while minimizing the risk of heat damage.

Horatii’s 2-in-1 hair straightener and curling iron is also a dual voltage product, meaning that it can be used abroad with just a simple outlet adapter. We still prefer the Lovani Mini for traveling, but the dual voltage system is a useful feature that makes this an even more versatile product.

Incredibly Convenient 

It seems to us that the design philosophy behind the Horatii 2-in-1 was to make a no-nonsense, straight to the point, simple product that takes as much fuss as possible out of the equation.

The Horatii heats up to the desired temperature in under 30 seconds, so it’s a great choice even when you just want a quick touch-up. Whether you just want to slightly straighten or curl your hair to look more presentable or treat yourself to a complete makeover in order to dazzle, this is a solid pick.

No matter what the task at hand might be, the Horatii performs admirably. It’s reliable and gets the job done quickly. Compared to some of the other choices in this list, it might be a bit pricey – but it truly manages to combine the value of two great, separate products into a single purchase

  • Efficient
  • Great Value
  • User-friendly
  • Multi-purpose
  • Requires a firm grip
  • Can’t compete with high-end curling irons

4. Best Hair Brush Straightener - MiroPure Brush


  • Heating time → 60 seconds
  • Voltage → 120V
  • Temperature → 300F – 450F
  • Weight → 12.6 oz 


  • Metal ceramic heater
  • 16 heat settings
  • Temperature lock 
  • Double ionic generator


Taking good care of your hair and styling it to perfection has its own unique charm – but let’s be honest, it can easily become a chore. Choosing the right shampoo, picking the right conditioner, regularly going to a hairstylist or to a salon, drying off, combing, straightening, and styling – who wouldn’t be overwhelmed?

Luckily, no matter how complex your routine might be, you can make the ordeal shorter and easier, while not cutting any corners (or misplaced strands). A hair straightener brush might just be exactly what you need.

Top Of The Line Design 

MiroPure’s hair straightener brush is designed to meet the criteria of even the most meticulous professionals. The brush is 10.6 inches long, and roughly half of that length lays in the comfortable handle. It weighs a respectable 12.6 ounces, but the size and weight of the brush are balanced well.

The brush features a 360-degree swivel cord that is approximately 6 feet and 4 inches long. This is a heavy-duty cord – it’s durable, but a bit on the heavier side. However, this doesn’t diminish the ergonomics of the product at all.

The nano comb brush is densely packed, and the bristles are quite long. This length allows the brush to both straighten your hair better, and stimulate your scalp with a gentle, massaging motion. The bristles also feature anti-scald technology to prevent heat damage. On the whole, they prove more than a match for even the most demanding hair types.

Great Versatility 

MiroPure’s brush stands out because it offers convenient solutions. To be a truly convenient product, it has to be versatile.

The 16 temperature settings vary from 300F to 450F. The uppermost button on the handle activates a temperature lock, which functions well as an extra layer of insurance. In addition, this brush has an auto shut off feature which will turn it off after 60 minutes if it is not in use, giving you a little more peace of mind. 

A user manual is included with the purchase and provides a useful reference point for how to deal with different hair types when using the brush.

Powerful Features

Now let’s comb through the rest of the MiroPure’s great features.

The metal-ceramic heater used in this brush guarantees an even distribution of heat, along with great temperature retention and recovery time. No matter which heat setting you choose, it will take the MiroPure about 60 seconds to reach the desired temperature. When you take into account how large the brush is, that’s pretty impressive.

The MiroPure hair straightener brush also features a double ionic generator. The use of negative ions pairs well with the metal-ceramic heater – as a result, the brush can handle even hair that is quite coarse and curly. This synergy makes styling easier while alleviating the risk of heat damage and split ends.

The MiroPure hair straightener brush means business. It has an impressive array of features and settings. If you’re looking for a convenient, versatile product that offers a lot of value, it merits your consideration.

  • Incredibly adaptable
  • Great Value
  • Durable
  • Convenient
  • Relatively short cord
  • Large size can make taking care of small details difficult

5. Best Budget - AmoVee Mini Flat Iron


  • Heating time → 30 seconds
  • Voltage → 100V – 240V
  • Temperature → 410F
  • Weight → 5.6 oz


  • 3D floating plates
  • Dual Voltage
  • Ceramic tourmaline
  • Travel size


A high price point doesn’t guarantee that a product is of equally high quality. With a little bit of patience, you can find incredibly affordable products that perform just as well, if not better than some of their costlier counterparts.

If you have a limited budget, or your hair styling needs are simply simple, AmoVee’s mini flat iron is a great choice. This small and affordable hair straightener packs a lot of punch and brings plenty of powerful features to the table.

High Quality, Simple Design 

The AmoVee Mini is incredibly light, weighing in at just 5.6 oz. It’s 7.8 inches long, and the heating plates are one inch wide. The 360-degree swivel cord is just under 5 feet long and offers a lot of flexibility. A safety lock is included at the end of the cord.

Two non-slip bumpers make for easy handling, and the overall ergonomics are solid. The design is simple but practical. A small red LED light functions as a convenient power indicator, which is joined by a simple on/off switch. And that’s it – there are no intricate controls, no extensive or complex options, just the bare necessities.

The AmoVee Mini is a rare case – it blends together durable materials and high-quality design with a relatively modest and unassuming list of features and specifications. But the AmoVee Mini isn’t lackluster by any metric – it’s simply unpretentious. What it can do, it does superbly.

Powerful and Easy to Use 

It may be tiny, but the AmoVee Mini brings the heat.  The titanium used in its construction allows for rapid heating – to be precise, it takes about half a minute to reach the intended temperature. This is where things get a little more complicated.

This product does have a very distinct flaw – the temperature settings – or rather, the lack of temperature settings. The AmoVee can only be used at one temperature – a blistering 410F.

If you need a product that will help you take care of your regular routine, the AmoVee still excels in its simplicity. Because of the single temperature setting, when you get used to the heat and performance of the Mini, a lot of guesswork is eliminated from the process. Still, it is an inflexible product.

Straightening your hair with the Mini isn’t a cumbersome ordeal, and its tiny stature makes it a great choice for detail work and small adjustments. On the other hand, the small size of the plates also has a drawback – taking care of lengthy hair will take a while.

Great Features 

The AmoVee mini’s small size makes it easy to transport, carry, and store. It wouldn’t be our first choice for traveling, but the Mini’s dual voltage compatibility can make it a solid backup or alternative.

The 3D floating ceramic plates that the Mini uses are much more forgiving compared to standard hair straightener plates. It’s much less likely that you will pull or snag your hair while straightening it.

The ceramic plates distribute the admittedly high heat evenly, and a tourmaline coating helps reduce static and frizz while preserving your hair’s natural moisture. The V-shaped design extends the product’s lifespan while also preventing any potential warping due to high temperature or pressure.

  • Low Price
  • Fast Heating
  • Great Value
  • Lightweight
  • Fixed temperature setting
  • Struggles with long hair

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Hair Straighteners

Can I use a hair straightener on wet hair?

Do not use hair straighteners with wet hair. Your hair should always be fully dried off before straightening it. Straighteners apply much higher temperatures, much more directly, to your hair.

This can easily cause permanent damage. Straightening wet or damp hair, whether it’s done once or on a regular basis, can easily lead to breakage, heat damage, and a rough, frizzy, coarse hair texture.

How often should I replace my hair straightener?

This depends on the product in question. However, in general, a high-quality straightener will last between two and three years.

If you notice that your hair straightener is less effective than it used to be, or that the heating plates have lifted up, it’s time to buy a new one. Another sign to look out for is marks, scratches, or cracks in the plates.

Hair straighteners that have overstayed their welcome will have trouble with maintaining temperature and distributing it evenly. If it takes a longer time to style your hair than it used to, your hair straightener is most likely ready for retirement.

How often should I use my hair straightener?

A good rule of thumb is no more than once a week. There are a few factors to consider. If you use thermal protectant products before straightening healthy, dry hair (using an appropriate temperature), doing so once a week won’t cause any issues.

However, if your hair is less healthy, recently dyed, or very fine, you should use hair straighteners even more sparingly. If you notice that your hair is becoming dry or brittle, you’re overdoing it. Take all of these factors into consideration and adjust your usage accordingly.

Can straightening your hair cause hair loss or damage?

If done improperly, yes. Straightening your hair won’t cause permanent hair loss, but it can cause your hair to fall out, suffer from split ends, and break. However, if you use hair straighteners in the right way, and with the proper precautions, you have nothing to worry about.

Do I need to clean my hair straightener?

Yes. Cleaning your hair straightener will allow it to function properly for a longer time. Dust, grime and other materials can easily build up on the heating plates. You should clean your hair straightener once a month, by gently rubbing a soft, damp cloth that has been moistened with water and a bit of rubbing alcohol over the heating plates.

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