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Last updated: October 31, 2019
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Grabbing the first beard trimmer you see is easier than spending hours comparing models and features.  Easy does not equal best. If you want a trimmer that lasts for years and not months, you need to put in some research time.

The Beard Trimmers You Need In Your Cabinet

While Gandalf pulls off the wise old wizard look, it’s not a style for the modern world. A grizzled mountain man beard is not going to do you favors in the workplace and could put a damper on your social life.  To keep your facial fur looking great and in style, you need a good beard trimmer.  

Your beard can be styled to match the seasons or the latest beard trends.  The only problem, finding the right trimmer. Hopping on Amazon or going to your local store can be overwhelming with rows of products all stating they are the best.  Which one do you choose? Will they trim your beard and what are all the features they have on offer?

To help you answer these nagging questions, you need to compare the market offerings.  The problem is that you are not always comparing apples with apples. Some shavers are ideal for travelers while others can be used for every bit of hair on your body.  Which one should you be getting?

Should you go corded or cordless?  How long does the battery last on each trimmer?  How many attachments do you need to get? Does the motor really matter?  Can you use the trimmer in the shower?

You need to consider all of this when you look for a good beard trimmer.  Fortunately, we have done the research for you and chosen the 4 trimmers that tame any beard.  They offer different style lengths, edging precision, and much more. If you are a frequent traveler, we have found the right trimmer for you.  If you want one device to handle all your hair, we have found the shaver for you.

1. Premium Pick - Panasonic ER-SB40-K


  • Length settings → 19
  • Combs → Adjustable
  • Display → Battery indicator, cord indicator
  • Weight 2.88 ounces

Key Features:

  • High-powered motor
  • Adjustable comb with 19 length settings
  • Waterproof for wet/dry use
  • Up to 60-minute run time
  • Ergonomic design

Panasonic ER-SB40-K Beard Trimmer Review

Investing a bit more in your personal grooming can pay off, particularly when you spend your money on the Panasonic ER-SB40-K.  This beard trimmer is the premium tool for any man who wants to pamper themselves.

In 2017, it won the GQ Grooming Award and for good reasons.  While you are not getting the number of trim settings the Remington offers or the small size of the Gillette, you are getting a lot of other great features. 

Introducing 9800 Cuts Per Min

Using this trimmer, the first thing you notice is the motor.  Unless you are looking at cars, you generally don’t think about motors, but this trimmer has a higher performance motor with a linear drive.  It has the power to make 9,800 cuts per minute and runs at peak performance until the battery dies.  The high-performance rate means you never feel the trimmer cutting the hair.  

With such a strong motor, you will expect the trimmer to make a lot of noise, like a formula one car.  You would be wrong. The motor is quiet as you use it with only the normal buzzing of blades and shorn hair.  For the price, you might expect a turbo setting, but the speed of the motor powers the blades to cut through even the thickest hair without a problem.  

Looking at the blades, they are wide which makes precision detailing a bit harder.  The rounded tip should help keep beard lines sharp. The blades have been designed to last for 3 years before they need to be changed.  Blade oil is required to keep the mechanism working at peak performance.

The get the style you want with the trimmer, you need to attach the trimmer comb.  Once attached, there is an adjustable dial that changes the trimmer length. There are 19 settings to choose from starting at 0.5 mm. 

The dial is easy to use and adjustable in the front of the shaver and the back. The adjustment is very fine giving you the precision you want and expect for the price.

Designed For Comfort and Happy Hands

The design of the trimmer is ergonomic making the device easy to use.  The rubberized grip combines with the wet/dry capability making it easy to use the trimmer in the shower.

Being able to use the trimmer in the shower is important because the speed of the blades causes hair to fly in all directions.  Spraying down your shower is much easier than having to clean short hairs from the rest of the bathroom.  

If you are not trimming your beard in the shower, you can rinse the head under the tap without any worries. Rinsing the blades is made easier by the open-water drain.  This drain in the head lets the water run through the blades freeing which reduces the time you need to spend cleaning them. This is a feature that you do not find in many other trimmers, even the others on this list.  

As you can use the trimmer in the shower, it makes sense that it is powered by a lithium-ion battery.  The battery offers run time of up to 60 minutes per 1 hour charge time.

Depending on your beard care routine, this charge can last a week before you need to recharge it.  The front of the trimmer has a display telling you the charge status. This display could be better as it only states high, mid and low which does not really tell you how long the trimmer will still work.  

If you want to have a formula one car in your hand, this is the trimmer for you.  The powerful motor provides enough power to the blades to cut through any hair thickness. 

While this is a premium item, it should only be used for facial hair and is not a multigroom device.  However, if you want to pamper yourself and upgrade from your current trimmer, this is the best option on the market.  

  • Powerful motor generating 9,800 cuts per minute
  • Wet/dry capabilities
  • Ergonomic design
  • Long battery life
  • Expensive

2. Best Multigrooming Kit - Philips 7000 MG7750/49


  • Pieces → 23
  • Display → Battery indicator and charging indicator
  • Weight → 14.9 ounces
  • Battery Life → 5 hours

Key Features:

  • DualCut technology
  • Cordless and plugged in usage
  • Powerful lithium-ion battery
  • Easily rinsed under the tap

Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000 MG7750/49 Review

When it comes to brand recognition, Philips is one of the manufacturers known for their premium products.  The Norelco range from Philips has provided great electric shavers equipped with precision technology.

However, a good brand does not necessarily translate into a great beard trimmer.  Fortunately, the Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000 MG7750/49 does not fall into this category.  

The 7750/49 is a powerhouse when it comes to what you can cut with it.  As a multigroom shaver, you can keep your beard, head, and body hair under control.  This is done with any of the 23 pieces the shaver comes with. The attachments include precision detail trimmers, a foil shaver, stubble guards, extra-wide hair guards, body guards, and beard guards (to name a few).  

There is even a nose and ear hair trimmer.

Having attachments galore means you never need another shaver in your home, but you do need the space for all of them.  If you are used to an adjustable length shaver, clipping on attachments can be a chore. If you want to grade your hair, you have to stop and change the attachments which are not labeled.  

Introducing DualCut Technology

The DualCut technology used by the Norelco range not only provides a clean cut, but also keeps the blades sharp.  The two stainless steel blades will brush each other to sharpen as they cut.

According to Philips, the blades will be as sharp as the day you bought them even after 3 years of use.  While the shaver has two blades passing over any area, the shaver head itself will not provide a clean shave. This is where the foil attachment comes in. 

With the blades purported to last for years, how does the rest of the shaver stack up?

The body of the shaver is made from premium stainless steel making it as long-lasting as the blades.  The body is also strong enough to protect the internal components if you drop the shaver or are traveling.  The corrosion-resistant nature of stainless steel means you never have to worry about rust when rinsing your shaver. 

Better Motor for Added Power

The motor powering the whole unit is metal with a reinforced drive train made from tempered steel.  What does that mean?  

The motor provides more torque and power to get through any hair density.  This is potentially the reason why the shaver does not have a turbo feature.  The motor is not the only reinforced part of the shaver with the cutting guards enforced to prevent bending and buckling.  This is important because you never have to worry about an uneven trim. 

Longer Better Means Less Charging

Other than the range of attachments for all your hair, the stand out feature is the huge battery.  Electric shavers are known to run out of charge at the least opportune time, like the middle of beard trimming, but you never have to worry about this with the 7750/49. 

The lithium-ion battery can run for 5 hours on a full charge which is enough for a week of intensive use. If the battery does die, you can plug the shaver in and use it corded.   

The huge battery does make the shaver a bit heavier than you might be used to.  It is also not waterproof which means no shaving in the shower. However, the overall versatility of this shaver makes up for the additional weight.

If you want a trimmer that can handle any hair on your body, this is the one to choose.  Having a single device for all your styling needs is helpful, but you do need the space for all the pieces.  The weight and size make it less than ideal for any frequent travelers.  

  • Long battery life
  • DualCut technology
  • 23 piece grooming kit
  • Heavier than other shavers
  • No charging stand

3. Best Discount Choice - Gillette All-Purpose Styler


  • Pieces → 4
  • Styling guards → 3; 2-6mm
  • Weight → 3.52 ounces
  • Battery → AA

Key Features:

  • Small dimensions for traveling
  • Uses Gillette Fusion5 blade replacements
  • Precision trimmer does not need power to work
  • Fully waterproof for shower use

Gillette All-Purpose Styler Beard Trimmer Razor & Edger Review

Having a perfectly styled beard does not have to cost a lot.  The Gillette All-Purpose Styler is an amazing budget-friendly trimmer that does everything you need it to.  You are not going to get the range of attachments you have with the Norelco, but the weight and ease of use along with the price make it a perfect addition to your bathroom cabinet. 

Simple But Sweet 

The all-purpose styler comes with three exchangeable combs to vary the length of your beard.  You can also use the styler on body hair to great effect. The grip is comfortable to hold and carries on the style Gillette has used with other shavers. 

The styler can be used for all your facial and body hair from your beard to chest hair. The precision trimming on offer will help you achieve the sharpness of style that you cannot get with other trimmers in this price range. 

Smallest Trimmer Yet, Great for Travelers

The Gillette styler is one of the smallest shavers you can get.  It weighs a mere 3.52 ounces and is only 7.87 inches in height.  This makes it the best option for frequent travelers and those who lack space for larger shavers.  If the blades start to dull as you use them, you can easily replace them with any Gillette Fusion5 blades. 

Unlike other beard trimmers, the styler uses a single AA battery to power it so you never have to worry about charging.  Of course, you will need to keep a battery on hand or you could find yourself unable to shave because the styler is dead.  

The different combs create versatility in this shaver that you often find in more expensive options.  You can trim, edge, and clean shave facial and body hair. You can also do all of this in the shower because the styler is completely waterproof.  However, if you break any of the plastic combs, you cannot purchase them separately.  

Precision Around Those Edges

If your beard style requires crisp edges, the precision trimmer will give the defined lines you want.  The precision trimmer can also be used when the styler is on or off. You do need to remember to oil the blades, but there are few trimmers on the market that do not need oil.  The width of the handle makes it easy to use for styling, but could be a little large for pure shaving.

If you think that all of this sounds very familiar, you are not wrong.  The Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler had the same specifications and features.  This styler is not meant to be an upgrade and Gillette has confirmed that it is more a renaming and repackaging effort.  The only real difference is the lack of stand with the newer styler.    

If you are looking for a trimmer you can continue using for years to come, this might not be the best option.  This is a budget styler and many users find it lasts around a year before it needs to be replaced. The AA battery also has a shorter life than lithium-ion batteries, but this is to be expected. 

  • Fully waterproof
  • Affordable
  • Travel-friendly size
  • AA battery operated
  • Relatively short lifespan
  • No stand

4. Best Smart Trimmer - Remington MB4700


  • Length settings → 175
  • Display → LED battery indicator, length setting, memory setting
  • Weight → 8.2 ounces
  • Charging → USB

Key Features:

  • Memory setting with 3 programmable profiles
  • Touchscreen display
  • Auto turbo function
  • 175 trim settings

Remington MB4700 Smart Beard Trimmer Review

Any man who loves the latest gadgets will love the Remington MB4700 smart beard trimmer.  No, you cannot start your trimmer with an app, but there is a lot of other innovative and creative tech housed inside this shaver.  All the smart features can be accessed through the touch screen making it a true modern grooming tool.

Integrated Memory That Knows Your Beard

The MB4700 has something that no other shaver does, a memory setting.  Your shaver will remember the trimming lengths you have used so you can easily keep your signature look. 

The memory setting offers three programmable profiles that store the comb length used so you never have to remember what length you want.  This seems like a good feature, but realistically, how many profiles do you need to store?  

The memory of your last shave is automatically accessed when the shaver turns on.  To turn on the trimmer, all you need to do is pick it up. While that is a handy feature, it can be annoying when you just want to move the trimmer from one place to another.

The memory setting is not the only bit of advanced technology you get.  The auto turbo feature will detect the thickness of your hair and adjust the trimming speed accordingly.  This ensures a clean cut through the hair reducing the chances of snagging and pulling.

This feature can be activated on the touchscreen display where you find all the settings.  The display also has a battery indicator and tells you the comb length.

Set It and Forget It

All these smart features are great, if a bit overwhelming, but what about the actual trimming.  The MB4700 comes with more trimmer settings than you are likely to ever use. There are a staggering 175 settings ensuring you find the length you need.  The number of settings does seem to be overkill and offers precision that most men will not take advantage of.  

Looking past the functions and features, the blades are made from stainless steel and the moving blade has a titanium coating.  As stainless steel is corrosion resistant, you can rinse the blades under the tap to clean them. The movement of the blades is also self-sharpening which takes some maintenance out of using the shaver.  

It is not only the blades that you can rinse.  The entire body is fully washable for easy maintenance and cleaning.  This does not mean you should be submerging the shaver in water because it is likely to stop working.  The 100% waterproofing of the shaver allows you to use it in the shower which makes cleaning up even easier. 

The physical design is nothing spectacular and looks like every other standard trimmer on the market.  The LED display is 17mm x 10 mm and the comb is fully adjustable. To get detailed trimming and edges, the comb can be removed but the wide head can make it hard to use for mustache details.  There is no narrow head attachment for better detail work.

While the design is nothing to write home about, Remington is confident in the product.  This is easily seen with the 5-year limited warranty. This warranty tells you the trimmer should work for the next 5-years before you need to start replacing anything.  

Beware of Shorter Battery Run Time

According to Remington, the lithium-ion battery has a run time of 50 minutes.  You can also charge it via USB which is something you don’t often find. That makes the trimmer easier to travel with or charge on the go should you want to. 

The use of worldwide voltage also makes this a travel-friendly shaver. The battery indicator tells you the charge remaining, but doubles as the memory settings which is not the best design move.

If you like having the latest gadgets, the Remington MB4700 is the beard trimmer for you.  It is packed with so many features you may find yourself never using some of them. The USB charging makes it easy to travel with and you can customize the settings with the memory profiles.  The only question is, do you really need 175 trim settings?

  • Memory setting
  • Digital display
  • USB charging 
  • Turbo functionality
  • Wide head with no narrow head attachments

Frequently Asked Questions: Beard Trimmers

Can I use a beard trimmer on my head?

Yes and no. Your ability to cut your hair with the trimmer will depend on the length of the hair and the beard trimmer you have. There are many multigroom shavers on the market that have attachments for facial hair and head hair.

These attachments will have a longer length than the attachments offered by beard trimmers only. It is generally recommended that you buy separate trimmers for your beard and hair unless the model states it can be used for both.

How is the trimmer length changed?

The way you change the trimmer length depends on the model you have. Some beard trimmers have adjustable combs where the length is changed using a dial or slider on the body of the shaver.

Other trimmers have multiple guards that need to be snapped onto the trimmer head. With the latter, you need to choose the guard according to the amount of hair you want to cut.

How do I maintain my beard trimmer?

Beard trimmers are easy to maintain and the level of care required depends on the model. After each trim, you will need to rinse the blades to remove excess hair from them.

This can generally be done by putting the head under the tap. You should also oil the blades after every few uses, but there are some trimmers that do not require this. These trimmers will state that you do not have to use blade oil.

Most trimmers have blades that last for 3 years before needing to be replaced. These blades are self-sharpening through the light friction caused by the blade movement. As long as you keep the blades well lubricated, you will not have to replace them earlier than this.

How much should I spend on a beard trimmer?

Beard trimmers vary in price depending on the brand, newness of the model and the features offered. The majority of beard trimmers will cost between $20 and $60.

There are some premium trimmers that cost more than $100, but they generally offer better features, design, and performance. There are few budget options that cost less than $20 and they will have a shorter lifespan compared to their more expensive counterparts.

What is the best beard trimmer for stubble?

Most beard trimmers will provide the designer stubble you want. Choosing the best will rely on factors including the length settings, power and size. To be effective as a stubble trimmer, the length settings need to start at 0.3 mm to 0.5 mm. This is close enough to the skin for a light stubble.

What is the best beard trimmer for long beards?

The best beard trimmers for long beards will be those with multiple length settings or guards. The multiple settings gives you the ability to grade your beard hairs keeping your long beard neat.

The maximum length setting is vital and needs to match the longest part of your beard. This stops you needing to freehand trim which can cause uneven trimming.

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