Switch Video Inputs on Media Center with Your Remote

There is a great writeup over on The Green Button on how to setup your TV tuner card so you can switch to the other video inputs like S-Video and composite. Here’s the write up: Anyways, here's the process I discovered on how to do so quite elegantly. First, set up the capture program: [...]

Play iTunes in Media Center with HP Tunes

I really like using the Apple iTunes music store to browse new music and even buy tracks for my iPod nano. What I don’t like is not being able to use iTunes inside of Media Center. In HP’s failed attempts to sell their own branded iPods they did make a program called HP Tunes that [...]

Enable Automatic Live TV on Media Center Startup and Other Tweaks

This is a great post from The Green Button showing the necessary registry edits to make so you can have Media Center go directly to Live TV on startup. Other tweaks include hiding menu items and startup/shutdown options. Live TV use HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CurrentVersion\Windows\ RUN) by creating a new EXPANDABLE STRING value. (Faster than putting into STARTUP [...]

Automatically Edit Commercials in Media Center with VideoReDo

VideoReDo is a MPEG editor that allows you to edit TV shows recorded on Media Center as well as TiVo. What makes this product so interesting is that the developer claims VideoReDo is able to automatically detect commercials and edit them out for you. Let VideoReDo take the pain out of finding the best places to [...]

Is WMV-HD Dead?

I’ve been following several different community forums conversions about the future of Microsoft’s windows media hi-def format WMV-HD and the one on AVS Forum is particular interesting due to the following response: I am surprised to see a thread with such a title. The interest in WMV-HD has been increasing with lots of new titles out [...]

Party Games for Windows Media Center Edition

I am a big trivia fan and just recently started looking into how I could use Media Center to play some party games on my home theater setup. Unfortunately there are not a whole lot of options but here’s what I’ve found that works so far: Media Center specific games. The only two programs I’ve found [...]

How Do You Find Shows to Record on Your Media Center PC?

With over sixty channels of quality television programming (*ahem*) I sometimes find it difficult to discover new shows that I might like to record with my Media Center PC. Now, I’ve tried several different methods: Picking a channel I like, say Discovery Channel, and scrolling through the Media Center programming guide looking for interesting showsSearching in [...]

Getting Remote Desktop to Work in Media Center

I have been trying for a while to get Remote Desktop to work in Media Center but with no success. I just recently noticed that there is an option under ‘Settings’ to enable Remote Desktop – and once I went through this simple setup it works! I don’t remember seeing this before Rollup 2, but [...]