Cirgon Will Ship a Fedora Linux HTPC – Encore Media Server

Coming in August 2008, digital media company Cirgon will begin selling a Fedora Linux-based HTPC dubbed Encore Media Server. The Encore will be an exciting addition to any HD-based home theater setup, providing playback and management of music, photos, and 1080i HD video. It's no surprise that the design of the Encore is focused primarily on [...]

New Streaming Video Service from Amazon Coming Soon

It's been revealed that Amazon will soon be launching a new streaming video service in addition to its current service offering. The buzz from Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, is that the service will operate on a pay-per-view basis. Unlike their other video service, Amazon Unbox, the new service will not require the user to download a [...]

Apple Invests in Home Automation App for the iPhone

Automated Home reports that Apple has selected home automation technology company iControl to receive part of the $100 million in Venture Capital set aside for the iFund. The new Home Security 2.0 product from iControl will be ported and expanded to operate on the iPhone. The new application will allow users to control their home security [...]

Watch Netflix’s Watch Now on Unlimited Machines

There has been a lot of buzz lately surrounding the streaming of Netflix's Watch Now movies to your HTPC and Xbox 360. With just a small registry tweak, you can now watch those movies on unlimited machines. Let's start with the basics, shall we? In order to stream Watch Now movies to your Media Center, you [...]

TeVeStream CaptionSeeker – New Software for Locating Recorded TV Scenes by Captions

Arcosoft Inc. has launched a new edition to their TeVeStream product line, TeVeStream CaptionSeeker. Back in April of this year we brought you the news of their CaptionSaver software product that will convert recordings made with Windows Media Center to WMV and SAMI. In doing so, captions are preserved with the recording instead [...]

Emergency Party Button Might Just Save Your Social Life

[youtube=] A few weeks ago I stumbled upon what might just be the most interesting home automation setup that I have ever seen. The Emergency Party Button is exactly what the name suggests. In the event of a party catastrophe, you simply arm the device using the activation key and then smash the big [...]