VUDU Difficulties Sign of Hard Times for Stand-Alone OTT Set-Tops?

Long-time CE Pro writer and friend Julie Jacobson broke the story this weekend about VUDU's problems. While the rumor mill has been going full-steam about VUDU and there were some exaggerations about the company's demise, it does appear that they have laid off some employees, including the main outward facing contact to press and analysts [...]

Sony and Company Introduce TransferJet

I thought Sir Howard was supposed to put an end to this type of thing. Apparently not, as Sony is back with another proprietary technology. Making it worse, they are offering up a wireless technology to transfer video and image wirelessly, a market where there are seemingly PLENTY of standardized technologies to do just this. [...]

Intel Asks FCC to Require Ethernet Ports on Set-Tops

I think this is interesting, but perhaps unnecessary. From what I can tell, the large majority of new designs for set-tops have some form of IP connectivity. Certainly, as this Ars article mentions, moves by CableLabs to approve DTCP over IP have paved the way for carriers (in the US at least) to potentially feel [...]

Amazon VOD Launches, Connects to Sony Bravia TVs

Finally, something other than YouTube on these Internet connected TVs. Sony and Amazon have announced that Amazon's new streaming service will connect to Sony's Bravia TVs, and as I've written about here, Sony has been working on a number of angles to get their Internet TV's more content, much of it in Japan, but more [...]

First Thoughts on Xbox NetFlix Streaming, Other Xbox 360 News from E3

At Microsoft's E3 event today, they finally made official the Netflix streaming service that has been rumored for months. This looks like a in-dash implementation that doesn't rely on Media Center's Online content, which is a good thing given how clunky Microsoft online offerings have been through Media Center. The service will offer the same [...]

Goodbye Akimbo

Word is out that Akimbo, the pioneering over-the-top VOD provider that has had a million different business models, just shut its doors. I remember first getting the Akimbo pitch in 2004, when they were having a coming out with their set top box with accompanying video service. It was very early days, before YouTube and [...]

The Blockbuster Box? No, Thank You, but…

This Ars article states the obvious, that we don't need another proprietary STB for a single service online video provider. If you haven't seen the gravestones littering the proprietary STB service graveyard, some of the names of the dearly departed include Akimbo's box and Moviebeam's among others. And while I think Apple TV and Vudu [...]


While some say the death of HD-DVD was all but sealed when Warner Brothers announced just before CES this January they would move their high definition optical disk distribution entirely to Blu-ray, I think, as I said back in June of 2007, that the death knell for HD-DVD was actually when Blockbuster announced they'd go [...]