New RackServer from VidaBox Offers 1-Step Disc Archiving

VidaBox recently introduced their newest server in the RACK series, the RackServer. Designed to be headless, meaning no monitor or input devices are needed, the RackServer was built with Windows Home Server in mind. The base unit starts with 2TB of storage, but supports up to 7TB on board, and 16TB with the RackServer+Plus Expansion [...]

Discover the Web in a Whole New Way with the CoolIris Browser Plug-in

CoolIris may be the best kept secret of plug-ins on the web. Evolving out of the PicLens plug-in, CoolIris uses a 3D-esque interface to browse pictures and video across the web. There are many cool features for your iris with this app, pun intended. Users can “window shop” through Macy’s, Wal-Mart, Land’s End, and other [...]

Mvix Releases 3 TB MivxBOX NAS

Mvix, primarily known for their media servers, has announced a new network attached server called the MvixBOX. This high end device can function as a NAS, a media server, or a web server. It can hold two 1.5 TB drives for a 3 TB total capacity and comes preinstalled with several applications (Apache, MySQL, PHP) [...]

Engadget Reviews Embedded Automation’s mPanel

The holy grail of home automation and technology is to have every device in the home integrated together. Unfortunately, the cost to do that still remains too high for the average consumer, especially now. It is with those ideas in mind that Engadget has reviewed Embedded Automation’s mPanel; a seven-inch, in-wall, touch panel that can [...]

Linksys Revamps Powerline Network Adapter Line

Cisco is announcing their revamped Powerline adapters for the Linksys brand. The changes to the devices are mostly cosmetic. The new adapters are sleeker, black, and are redesigned to not impede on the second port in a standard wall socket. The new line comes in two forms, the Turbo and AV. Powerline Turbo is built [...]

Actiontec Introduces Second Generation MegaPlug AV

The beauty of powerline data technology is that it allows devices to be connected without costly and frustrating retrofit wiring projects. With that in mind, Actiontec Electronics has announced its next second generation MegaPlug AV. The latest model allows users to connect their PCs, DVRs, game consoles, media streamers, and any other Ethernet ready devices [...]

Xbox 360 Users Can Receive a Free Memory Unit for New Xbox Experience

The long awaited release of the new Xbox 360 dashboard, dubbed the “Xbox Experience”, which, among other things, will allow streaming media for Netflix subscribers, has a release date of November 19. The twist in the announcement for this date is that Microsoft is going out of its way to ensure that all 360 owners [...]

Use That TiVo Box for Your HTPC

Still looking for that perfect media center case that performs with the power you want and looks natural on you’re A/V rack? Well perhaps a TiVo that’s been modified like this would work. The mod doesn’t seem that difficult, adding a few screw holes here and there to mount all the PC components. The real [...]