Nero Enters Media Server Market With MediaHome

Entering the already crowded media server market, Nero is pinning the hopes of their MediaHome software-only package on widespread adoption of Universal Plug and Play (UPnP). MediaHome certainly looks interesting, and offers another take on what exactly a media server should be. The key feature of MediaHome is its ability to transcode content [...]

Comcast Talks About On-Demand Future

CableWORLD has an interesting interview with Matt Strauss, VP of On Demand programming for Comcast. It's a good read in its entirety, but the high points are the expansion of on-demand vision from movies to all sorts of other types of programming, and the potential for on demand to give cable providers a huge [...]

Phillips / Dixon Freeline Media PC’s Look Good

Philips continues to do interesting things in the wireless home entertainment area. To complement their Stremium line of A/V devices, the company has announced a partnership with the Dixon group to market the Freeline brand of media center PC's. Or at least mostly media center PC's; these run vanilla XP rather than Windows [...]

Riptopia Offers Media Players With Your CD Collection

Anyone who's sat down to rip several hundred CD's can tell you that it's not a whole lot of fun. If you haven't done it yourself, let me tell you... it's not a whole lot of fun. Riptopia is a new company that sells media players, but with a twist. When you [...]

HP m1050y Media Center PC

The latest incarnation of HP's flagship media center PC looks like a pretty sweet machine indeed. With a whopping 400GB hard drive, this is one PC that will have no trouble doubling as a general purpose media server. And, while it's not a high end gaming machine, its components are perfectly good enough [...]

LG Joins the Wireless TV Bunch

LG Electronics is joining the wireless TV craze with their own 15-inch offering. Using "802.11b/g", which sounds a little weird, the device promises to let users take their TV anywhere (including the bathtub, apparently, if you look at the press kit photo closely). LG promises a battery life of "a maximum of three hours," which [...]

Wallflower 2 Makes Debut

The Wallflower 2 digital picture frame may finally mark the point at which this kind of thing becomes worth the effort and expense. Unlike previous generations, the Wallflower 2 sports WiFi connectivity and a built-in 30GB hard drive, making it both easy to move content on to and less dependent on the home network [...]

MPAA to Help You Delete Files

Being the helpful people that they are, the MPAA has announced a software package ostensibly aimed at helping parents determine if P2P software and/or illegally downloaded songs or movies are resident on a computer. The tool will then assist parents in removing such software and deleting any purportedly illegal files. Of course, these days there [...]