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We have current opportunities for purchasing advertising inventory via DoubleClick Ad Planner or Google AdWords — two of the industry’s most reputable advertising platforms. Please note that campaigns acquired through DoubleClick Ad Planner get priority placement over Google AdSense Banners (powered by Google AdWords), which run auction style, contextual text and rich-media advertisements. Targetable above the fold (ATF) placements: 728×90 (top center), 336×228 (top right), 160×600 (top left).

Target eHomeUpgrade via Google AdWords — See: Placement Targeting

Placement targeting lets you choose individual spots in the Display Network where you’d like to see your ads displayed. We’ll only look at your managed placements when searching for relevant places to display your ads. Unlike contextual targeting, keywords aren’t required.

A placement might be an entire website, or a subset of a site. For instance, if you’re selling football boots and you want your ad to appear on a particular football website, or only on the sports pages of a newspaper, placement targeting can help you handpick those sites.

Google AdWords Instructions:

  • Set up a Google AdWords account, if you don’t have one.
  • Choose a new placement-targeted campaign.
  • Create your image ads.
  • Click the List URLs radio button when you get to Target Your Ad. In the big box that appears, enter “” and hit Get Available Placements.
  • View the list that appears with the individual available places to advertise.
  • Set your pricing and your ads will start appearing within a few minutes.