Connect Your Mac or PC to Your Stereo Wirelessly with playGo USB

We've covered products like BICOM's playGo USB adapter in the past (here's one for $36), but this unit is a bit different. The playGo USB connects to your Mac or Windows PC via USB (as the product's name suggests) and then is able to transmit the audio on the best available channel to its stereo-connected receiver(s) [...]

D-Link Announces Boxee Remote Availability for Mac and Windows PCs

Still heart Boxee Box's two-sided QWERTY remote? Well, D-Link is announcing that you can now pick one up for $49.99 at,,, and Just do a quick search for model number "DSM-22" and it should pop right up. Remember... this is an RF remote, so you won't need line of sight like [...]

Add Your Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs to Your ‘Personal Cloud’ with Pogoplug Software

Finding an easy way to share and access your files and media is always a challenge. Sure, you can pay a cloud service like Dropbox to host your files or setup a dynamic DNS to access your computer or NAS server remotely. But what if you could just install a piece of software on your [...]

Boxee Update for PC/Mac/Linux Coming Fall 2011, Cites Priorities As Reason for Delay

Wow, really? So the reason everyone is using the old version of Boxee on their computer is because the team has focused on "priorities, growth, and the future of Boxee." Head honcho, Avner Ronen, says the update for PC/Mac/Linux won't come until later this Fall, which will bring an "updated browser, improved playback, and lots [...]

StreamToMe Now Supports Mac to Mac Media Streaming

StreamToMe is a neat little tool that supports streaming, with auto-transcoding, from a Mac or Windows PC to an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Now the developer is introducing a new StreamToMe player application for Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later. Essentially, it allows one to select a computer running StreamToMe server and then tap [...]

Apple Introducing AirDrop Wireless P2P File Transfer Tech in Mac OS X Lion

Looks like Apple is moving past shared network folders for file transfer. Apple, in Mac OS X Lion, will provide users the ability to auto-detect and share files wirelessly, sans a local area network, with other Mac OS X Lion users using AirDrop (will be located in the Finder sidebar). Apple states: "...[users will] even see contact [...]

Windows Home Server 2011 to Get Time Machine Support via Add-ins

Looks like Microsoft isn't too keen on natively supporting a mixed Mac OS X and Windows home or work environment. The company, according to We Got Served, has instead enlisted Orbital Technologies to take on the task by creating an add-in — looks like it will be FREE or freemium — that people can use [...]

AirPlayer Hack Turns Your Mac into an AirPlay Compatible Device

Jealous that Windows users can stream content from their DLNA enabled smartphones to Windows Media Player on a PC for playback? Well, fear not. TUAW's resident hacker, Erica Sadun, has created a freeware (ad-supported) Mac OS X application called AirPlayer that creates and advertises a custom Bonjour AirPlay service similar to Apple TV (underlying code [...]