Intel Makes AppUp Generally Available to Netbooks

We've talked about Intel's app store for netbooks before. Now, Intel is making AppUp generally available to Windows and Moblin users (soon MeeGo), as well as announcing new partnerships with manufactures and stores to have their app store software pre-loaded on netbooks to make it ease for users to download and install software — including [...]

Adobe Intros InMarket to AIR App Developers Wishing to Target Smart TVs, PCs, Tablets, and Smartphones

Looks like Adobe is taking a page from Apple's App Store. The company today is announcing a new platform called Adobe InMarket that will help AIR developers bring their applications for purchase on various device screens — besting its current online Adobe Marketplace in terms of reach and appeal. Adobe states that they, along with their [...]

Could MeeGo, Not Android Be iPad’s Nearest Threat?

Have a look at this 10-inch MeeGo tablet showcased at Computex by Intel. Sure, you've seen MeeGo running on netbooks as smooth as butter, but the OS has a tablet variant that's just plain smart — and, frankly, more advanced than the iPad. According to Engadget, who was lucky enough to get some close up [...]

MeeGo 1.0 Demo Shows Netbook to TV Display, Cloud Stored Media Access on Multiple Devices

We reported on MeeGo earlier this week and how it's set to compete with Android on a variety of devices and platforms. Now, new video has surfaced from Intel's Developer Forum in Beijing showing how MeeGo 1.0 is able to display content running on a netbook to your HDTV (looks like a wired connection in [...]

MeeGo Prepping to Compete with Android

For those unfamiliar with MeeGo, MeeGo is a Linux-based open source software operating system announced at Mobile World Congress earlier this year that combines the technologies of Intel's Moblin (netbook OS) and Nokia's Maemo (mobile/MID OS) projects. MeeGo is sponsored by the Linux Foundation and is now getting set to go mainstream and compete head-to-head [...]