Create Your Own A2DP Bluetooth Speakers

Hardware hacker types - this is the project for you. Seeing as the last time I broke something open it spilled battery juice all over me, I think I'll stay away from this one. However, if you're setup with a Bluetooth 2.0 supporting device that can playback music files, then you'll probably be very interested [...]

Samsung SGH-i310 Smartphone Sports 8GB Storage, A2DP Stereo Bluetooth Support

Samsung is set to introduce an impressive update to it's SGH-i300x "Super Musicphone" at this week's 2006 CeBIT conference in Hannover this week: the SGH-i310 Smartphone (via Engadget). This impressive phone sports 8GB of HDD storage, runs Windows Mobile 5.0 for smartphones and has a built-in 2MP camera with a flash that can also handle [...]

Belkin Intros a $49 Bluetooth Music Receiver Adapter for Your Home Stereo

Here's a no-brainer addition to your home theater system or stereo boombox. Belkin today has unveiled the $49.99 Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver designed to wirelessly pass your currently playing tunes on a Bluetooth v2.0+  A2DP enabled device (like an iPhone, iPod touch, Motorola DROID, Blackberry Bold, etc.) via line-in for output through your stereo's speakers. [...]

Sony’s Remote Play for PSP Makes Its Way to the Sony Ericsson Aino

Now here's an interesting shift. Sony Ericsson is announcing that its latest Aino touchscreen mobile phone will come bundled with a bevy of media-centric features that PlayStation 3 users and Digital Home enthusiasts will find extremely attractive. [via] Highlights: Remote Play (originally created for PSP) - Aino owners will be able to control their PS3 and access [...]

Video Demo: Cowon S9 Portable Media Player

[youtube=] Admittedly, it's been a while since we've covered any portable media player (PMP) products on this site. This is mostly due to the fact that the segment has been fairly stagnant over the past year – not to mention... smartphones from Apple, Nokia, HTC, etc. of late have been eating away at their market share. [...]

Marantz IS301 Wireless iPod Dock

It's obvious the Marantz IS301 Wireless iPod Dock is going to be the next must-have device for iPod owners here in the U.S., if we can convince Marantz to import their uber A/V device to us next. Here's why: users get a a stand alone dock that accepts all iPod models (sans the iPhone 3G [...]

Chord Electronics Limited Intros Products to Stream Your Mobile Phone’s Music Tracks to Your Stereo

Now here's a novel product (a bit on the pricey side, though). The Chordette Gem by Chord Electronics Limited is a Bluetooth A2DP Stereo Audio receiver that can be connected to a home stereo system or any device with RCA inputs. In other words, your Bluetooth equipped mobile phone, PDA, or PC can be set [...]

Ricavision Taking Pre-Orders on VAVE100 Windows SideShow Vista Universal Remote

It looks like the much awaited for Ricavision SideShow remote will finally see its day in the light instead of the conference circuit spotlight. Sporting a new design (original), the VAVE100 offers users a 2.4-inch QVGA LCD display, Bluetooth 100-meter Class 1 SPP/A2DP connectivity (possibly for using with wireless headphones?) integrated SideShow interface, and a [...]