Hulu Plus App Launched for Nintendo Wii

Nintendo has added a Hulu Plus downloadable app to the roster of Wii apps, allowing subscribers to shop at Wii for Hulu Plus networking.  A version of the app will be available on Nintendo 3DS.  Netflix also offers a Wii app that was released in 2011.  BBC’s lauded iPlayer has been available as an add-on to UK Wii owners for several years.

As Hulu and Netflix battle for market share,  platform based apps are seen as a bridgehead to reaching preciously disconnected audiences.

It is easier now than it was a few years ago to get TV streaming through a computer or other device and apps are another step towards mainstream adoption.  Nintendo’s Wii has not traditionally been considered a media device, in the same way as Sony’s PlayStation, but the apps that have been added are beginning to place Wii in the media ready devices category.  This certainly helps offer a competitive edge in a market that has been dominated by the PlayStation in the past.

But it’s the huge success of Netflix streaming on Nintendo’s console that has likely inspired the company to look for more video options. A Nielsen survey late last year found that a full 33 percent of time American users spent on the Wii went towards watching streaming content, much higher than the 14 or 15 percent of usage time spent streaming video on other video game consoles. True, those streamers might be less likely to spend money on games for the system, but Nintendo makes a profit even if consumers are just buying the Wii as a relatively cheap Netflix box. via ars tecnhica

For the first month of launch, users who download Hulu Plus for Wii and do not already have an existing Hulu Plus account will get a two-week free trial.

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    it’s not like there’s no news.
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