Windows Home Server 2011 Update

Microsoft has released the Windows Home Server 2011 Rollup 2 Update.  It is a maintenance update to fix a variety of issues the server program has, such as bugs that have been reported to Microsoft by users.

The fixes include the ability to disable the Media Streaming Metadata Synchronizer, so that scheduled tasks that can interfere with music data can be disabled.  The fix is meant to stop any overwriting without consent.  The user can now use the dashboard to turn it on or off.  Downloading issues have also been fixed with Android devices such as Remote Web Access in which uploading files from iOS devices could be compromised.

The OS X Lion Server Launchpad filename conflict is also resolved with this update.  Microsoft did say full integration of OS X Lion devices has not been offered with the fix and they are aware of the issue.  There may be a new update later on to ensure full integration.

The download is available from Microsoft or if the Windows Update is set on automatic for the server.  It will be automatically updated if the Windows Update program is allowed to run in the background.  Major issues, such as the network monitor service and health service crash issue, are also being fixed by the update.  Another issue resolved is with the web browser control add-in that may be installed.  The issue is mostly for those using Internet Explorer 9 whereby an empty dialog box will appear.

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