Introducing the Beam Brush – the Smart Toothbrush

The latest device to get the connected home treatment is; yes you’ve guessed it, the toothbrush.  Strange as it may seem at first appearance there does seem to be a method to the madness. When we say connected that doesn’t however mean you can stream video from it. Not just yet anyway.

The Beam Brush is a Bluetooth enabled, manual toothbrush that comes with a tracking app (Android and iOS) and a stated aim to monitor and improve your dental hygiene. The toothbrush beams (hence the name) your brushing data via Bluetooth to the partner app which allows you to monitor how long you have been brushing and where in the mouth you are focusing your cleaning efforts.

If you can’t see the point in that then consider what Stacey Higginbotham over at GigaOm had to say:

Future iterations will also be able to show the user how long they spent in certain areas of the mouth. The sensor works via contact with the mouth, so it registers when the brush is scrubbing your teeth. I’d love for the app to become almost a reward system and prompt for good brushing, so when my daughter (or I) is brushing, the app could play a video or something fun, but if the brushing slacked off or spent too long in one place, the video stopped playing. I’m sure there are those of you who are scoffing at the idea that one can’t just suck it up for the two minutes it takes to brush your teeth, but I’m on board.

The brush is the product of start-up Beam Technologies and it should ship in March, in blue and pink, with a retail price of around $50 for the base brush, $3 for replaceable brush heads.

Beyond the obvious candidates for connectivity it’s interesting to see other gadegsts getting connected and we wonder how long it will be before every home appliance comes with its own tracker/gamification app? We’ll then need a device to manage all this data we’re generating; with of course daily goal setting and reporting to let you know the myriad ways you are falling short. Anyway, we’ll watch this space with interest.  Just be glad they don’t describe it as a Bluetooth toothbrush!


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