Apple Would Like Universal Remote

An intriguing and innovative patent application, which was registered by Apple in September 2011, has appeared.  The patent app explains a new universal remote control program that appears to be unique to Apple.

Named Apparatus and Method to Facilitate Universal Remote Control, the application proceeds to describe a universal remote control that has a user-friendly UI able to control more than just a television.  As we’ve said before, prior to Steve Jobs passing away, he informed his biographer that he was able to “crack the code” for a television that has a very easy interface.  Is this evidence of the very easy interface that Steve Jobs had spoken about?  The majority of the remote controls that are used nowadays have so many complicated buttons and functions, but only a few of these buttons or function are used on one universal remote.

As Apple notes in its patent app, “the controls that are not normally used clutter the remote control and can cause confusion to the user when trying to locate a seldom-used feature.”  Fundamentally, Apple’s idea of a universal remote is a touchscreen device that removes additional buttons and is able to control numerous gadgets.  Among the best things that the patent app describes is the way in which the universal remote would be instantly programmed.  This means that the remote would distribute a signal to look for devices that it can control, providing users with a straightforward user interface as well as the best suited options for any given device.

Remote control 102 discovers these appliances using either a manual discovery mechanism or an automatic discovery mechanism across the wireless communication channel as described below in conjunction with FIG. 5. The wireless communication channel can be an infrared channel or a radio frequency channel such as a Bluetooth™ communication channel. The appliances discovered by the remote control are displayed on the remote control…

Via Apple Insider

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