Netflix Tip – Get Alerted When New Titles are Released

If you want to make certain you are aware of all of the new uploads on Netflix and don’t want something more personal than there is an option you can add to your home setup.  Think of it as a different type of home automation.  Using RSS and your favorite feedreader you can now get updates on Netflix releases.  You are required to have an account with brilliantly simple task automation website ifttt (IfThisThenThat), which will help you access the titles being added each week.  It can be a chore to flip through all of the movies and TV titles Netflix has on ‘watch instantly’, and it can take several minutes to find what they have and what might be of interest. With an RSS feed hooked into Netflix you can make certain you are aware of all of the new uploads.

All you do is to create a task so that you can trigger the task to give you the proper feed.  The URL for the Netflix feed is:

Netflix is not the only service you can add to your RSS trigger.  You can also add YouTube or Hulu if you want to know what is being uploaded to these video sites.  You may need to set up parameters to get the movies you are most interested in, but you will certainly have everything you need to know.  It is the best way until Netflix can be talked into offering email updates with new ‘watch instantly’ lists.

Full step by step instructions for those who desire are over at

Update: The Netflix feed seems to be currently unavailable

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