Is This the Future of TV Remotes?

A lot of attention has been paid to the interfaces of the Smart Tvs and the media software that runs on them but very little has been said about the TV remote. From humble beginnings the average remote now has more buttons than the space shuttle and requires similar training to operate it. As we increasingly ask our TVs to do more than just show us the current broadcast, what’s the solution? Plenty of people are envisaging a world with the TV enslaved to the touch control of tablets or smartphones or some sort of gestural karate that’s bound to have you changing the channels accidentally but not the makers of the Gesture Remote. This little beauty is a joint venture between three companies Ident Technology, Zinosign and Lunar Europe, each bringing differing expertise to the table.

Gesture Remote uses GestIC technology from IDENT Technology to detect and track hand, finger, or body movement. This makes it possible to control products without needing to touch a screen, trackpad, or keyboard. GestIC technology adds a completely new dimension to internet and multimedia user interfaces by allowing users to interact with their devices using only hand or finger gestures.

GestIC technology enables a revolutionary new user interface by offering three-dimensional, contact-free position tracking and gesture recognition. It is unique in its ability to measure not only 3D position, but also the direction and velocity of movement in 3D space.


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  1. Scott Roberts says:

    Or you can just build on Kinect, which Microsoft already has.