Frequent TV Upgrades Planned by Google

Google has stated that its most recent television version will be receiving yearly software updates, in addition to voice search and customized suggestions.

Google said that it is intending to update its Google TV software by the end of 2012, incorporating new content as well as more customized recommendations and keeping its yearly software upgrade plan.  The director of product management for Google TV said “We don’t intend to stop iterating. You’ll see cool interaction stuff, you’ll see a lot of cool things happening on the recommendation engine and on the discovery experience.”

Google TV is an Android-based web television program that enables customers to channel and web surf.  The software comes installed on the Logitech Revue companion box and Sony Blu-ray players, as well as internet TVs.  The initial version of the platform did not sell very well, which resulted in Logitech discontinuing manufacturing the Revue systems.  The second version, which is based on Android 3.1Honeycomb, is significantly improved, providing over 150 Google TV-tailored apps from the Android Market.  Google stated that it observed Google TV’s activation number double following the refresh in late 2011.


CES became a hotbed of Google TV activity, with Sony, Vizio and LG all showing off new Google TV systems, which range from TVs to Blu-ray players to streaming media boxes.  Marvell demonstrated its innovative Armada 1500 chipset for Google TV: the 1.2GHz chipset loaded Google’s software a lot quicker compared to Intel’s slower Atom chipset.  Google’s most powerful Android partner, Samsung, is introducing a Google TV system this year.


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2 Reactions to “Frequent TV Upgrades Planned by Google”

  1. jesse west says:

    So it looks like first gen is screw’d. I’m glad i paid $600 dollars 4 months ago on a half ass google tv and then got the honeycomb update to find it’s still half ass. GO GOOGLE!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I hope they’re more frequent then your posts here!