Broadcom Creates Way Forward in Home Networking

Silicon that will use the future coaxial home networking standard, with a speed of 400Mbps, will be demonstrated by Broadcom next week at the International Consumer Electronics Show.

In June 2010, the Multimedia over Coax Alliance’s MoCA 2.0 standard was completed and the team anticipates that products will be certified under the standard this year.  It greatly improves speed from the initial version of the standard, which numerous service providers use in establishing networks inside their customers’ homes.  MoCA predicts that the technology is employed within at least 10 million U.S. homes.

MoCA was created as a fast anchor for home networks, making use of the existing coaxial cable that is widely used for cable TV.  It is able to connect other forms of networks, for instance Wi-fi routers, positioned around the house.

A collection of six system on a chip (SoC) products equipped for MoCA 2.0 was introduced by Broadcom on Wednesday, with the intention of showing them at the ICES.  The products for electronic device manufacturers, based on the firm’s Zephyr CPU, consist of silicon for a number of set-top boxes as well as home gateways.  Those incorporate a set-top box that has a multi-room HD digital video recorder, and a set-top box with twin HD decoding and twin transcoding, which enables sending video transmission content wirelessly to several devices.

The business’s MoCA 2.0 goods are currently being shipped to suppliers in test amounts; customer items based on them may be on sale in just 12 months or less.

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