Control4 Release Android Home Automation App

Control4 are one of the many choices in home automation, offering a range of products for the home and for businesses. They’re not cheap, but they are stylish – check out the HC300 Home Controller that we first wrote about in ’07. If you’ve bought their systems, or are looking to, you’ll be pleased to know that they’ve just released an app for Android that allows you to control your hardware from your portable device. Check out the video below, more info here, and the full press release here.

The only real downside of this is that it requires a MyHome license, which can run up to $499 for full coverage of a single site. If you’ve already shelled out for their hardware, an Android device, and full home automation, maybe it’s not a huge addition, but if you’ve paid for their hardware it might have been nice to get a little extra software.


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