UK Broadband Bills: Don’t Get Caught Out by Downloading Christmas Films

UK families that are fed up of watching the same Christmas shows and films on TV could find themselves footing unexpected bills if they decide to rent movies online instead.

Huge names including Apple and Google, as well as several DVD rental organizations such as Amazon owned Lovefilm, encourage people rent the most recent TV shows and movies by downloading them. However, families may discover that a couple of nights in watching movies over the holiday period could make them end up with a huge bill from their broadband provider. This is due to the fact that in the UK the majority of internet contracts have restrictions capping the quantity of data that someone is permitted to use each month.

Surpass your limit and you may have to pay out massive costs for additional usage (for every extra Mb used), or your speed may even be decreased, making it virtually impossible to download any more movies. Families who have teenage children are especially in danger, because they might download lots of movies and TV shows within the month and not realize the effects.

A movie that is high-definition and lasts two hours will use 4Gb of data, whilst viewing a standard-definition movie will use up 1.5Gb.

Chief Executive of broadband comparison site Simplifydigital, Charlie Ponsonby, says “Just two or three years ago, few families came close to going over their data limits. Today, households are downloading far more content from the internet without even realizing it.”

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