Social TV to Take Off in 2012

It has been predicted by both Mashable and the Harvard Business Review (HBR) that Social TV is to take off during 2012. Whilst 2011 saw a large number of startups in the sector, and more coverage in mainstream media, Social TV remained a tiny fragment of possible entertainment. However, for those who want their digital home entertainment centers to be a social place too, the television experience could herald many new possibilities in the coming year.

Reporting on the likely success of the Social TV, HBR said that the social experience of television entertainment was to become far more than sitting with friends. Twitter has become highly integrated into society, with The X Factor offering the ability to vote via the social networking site. Meanwhile, Get Glue has become increasingly popular, with individuals able to check into their favorite shows as they watch them, interact with other viewers, and earn participant stickers.

Elsewhere, Mashable’s Christina Warren revealed that the way television is broadcast, watched and even made would be influenced by social factors. Whilst television ownership is in decline, ratings for live television entertainment are creeping ever higher as viewers look to watch in real time so that they can access social interactions. For consumers with a connected TV, the possibilities of social interaction all in one place will become very real over the coming months and year. What was initially thought of as a flash in the pan looks to become a very popular and entertainment transforming medium in 2012.

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