Internet TV to be Used by Malaysian Government

A new internet video service has been introduced by the Malaysian government that will assist it in communicating news, information and other updates to the public within the country.

1MalaysiaIPTV – The IPTV internet channel – is able to be looked at online from a PC or mobile device, whilst apps for iOS (iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone), Android and BlackBerry will supply extra accessible points for the public within Malaysia. The service is an answer to the socialization of news, which today observes breaking updates distributed via digital media as well as other internet-based channels. It will enable the government to swiftly drive out information whenever required, as Najib Razak, Prime Minister, describes:

“With today’s technology, the public is able to receive news and information in the blink of an eye. Sometimes, even before a meeting ends, people already receive the news. Sometimes, the information out there is mixed with false news and slander. We (the government) have no choice but to ensure that we deliver accurate news at quick speed, and if possible, at real-time speed.”

Malaysia is not the only country that uses technology to enhance communications between the government and its people. The Hong Kong government started producing city information and data to the public by way of an iPad application in October, and Malaysian authorities are able to reach non-iPhone and iPad users by way of a device agnostic platform. This is a key point due to the considerable price of the devices within the country, similar to a lot of Southeast Asia.

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