Consumers Demand Extensive and Smooth Connectivity

Broadcom Corporation has disclosed the results of a new customer survey carried out by JZ Analytics, showing a heightened demand for extensive and smooth connections. The survey results revealed by Broadcom are:

Connecting in the home
* Using online video: two-thirds of the people that participated in the survey said that they view over two videos per day (68%), whilst a quarter said that they view a minimum of five videos per day (24%).
* Use all round digital content: 87% estimated that they use over ten hours digital content per week.  Over 50% of all participants used over 20 hours per week.
* Multi-screen entertainment within the home: nearly 62% mentioned that they would stream content that would usually be viewed only on their TV to wireless devices, including tablet PC’s, smartphones and laptops, through the entire home if their satellite or cable provider supply the service.
* Connected televisions: 67% are most likely to buy a new HDTV that can simply connect straight to wireless devices, including laptop PCs, tablets and smartphones, as well as the internet, as opposed to one that can’t.

Connecting on the go – showing the significance of connectivity within people’s lives, the survey investigated the feeling of ‘connectivity withdrawal’ – the feeling of tension or expectancy on being unable to get online using a tablet, laptop or mobile phone. 35% stated that they have experienced connectivity withdrawal, and 30% said that it occurs once a week.

  • Number of wireless devices people own: 22 percent of those surveyed claimed to have six or more wireless devices in their homes. When asked to compare that to just a couple of years ago, the change was staggering. The percentage of people with six or more devices has almost quadrupled in the last three years (then = 6 percent).
  • Configuring wireless connections: More than a quarter of those surveyed said that they’ve had to wirelessly configure and connect a device in the last month (28 percent). Less than half (46 percent) found the experience a pleasant one, so there’s room for simpler connectivity technology.
  • Consuming content on the go: Of those who own a capable mobile device, one-third (32 percent) say they consume more than 10 hours of content a week while on the go, and more than half (51 percent) say they consume more than five hours a week.

Connecting on the Road
Consumer demand for entertainment and safety features in vehicles is high, increasing the need for auto makers to include more complex networks in cars they produce. Ethernet technology is set to become the standard for in-car connectivity to help address consumer needs while reducing cost, complexity and weight. Based on survey findings:

  • Importance of features in vehicle purchasing decisions (percentage ranking as important / not important / unsure):
    • Driver safety features such as automated collision avoidance: 70%
    • Navigation system, GPS: 69%
    • Real-time access to traffic reports, other downloaded data: 52%
    • Easy attachment point for iPod or other MP3 player: 50%
    • Easy attachment for smartphone or tablet: 43%
    • Surround view park assist: 41%
    • Automated park assist system: 35%
    • Infotainment (Rear-seat entertainment, etc.): 33%
    • Internet access: 31%

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