Siri Flaunts its Home Automation Magic

Apple Siri is an intriguing piece of technology and it comes as no surprise that it has returned to demonstrate its home automation magic.

What exactly is it that people are referring to? The answer to this question is the Siri Proxy written by Pete Lamonica. This small bit of code is allowing Siri to tackle the hurdles that have been set by Apple. Whilst the original Siri on the iPhone 4S is able to carry out things that it has been programmed to do, making use of it with a Siri Proxy signifies a lot more. An example of this originates from Mark Hodder, who has made use of Siri Proxy to take care of his home automation system by using voice commands. Mark made use of the Siri Proxy with X10 and ioBridge widgets to carry out tasks on web-enabled devices. Since everything is becoming web enabled these days, that’s an exciting thing!

Mark says that he has been using it for a few years to control the lights, along with other appliances, that are connected throughout his home. The addition of Siri as an interface to manage everything by using voice is extremely interesting. It is possible to turn on a lamp or the Christmas tree lights or anything else that has been coded within the script that has been stored on the webserver.

“Get Siri Proxy running successfully and the ioBridge module setup with X10. Create individual PHP files for each action and upload them to a folder on your website. Create a custom Siri voice command to open the URL of the PHP file you uploaded,” explained Mark.

Check out this idownload blog interview with SiriProxy creator Pete Lamonica for more details on the future of this plugin.



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