The ‘Smartphone Watch’ – an Alternative eHome Remote?

With the ability to check Facebook and Twitter feeds, receive phone calls and retrieve text messages, this is the world’s very first ‘smartphone watch’.

Resembling something from a sci-fi film, the touchscreen i’m Watch is planned to go on sale in 2012 and contains most of the same features as hi-tech phones, at just a fraction of the size. Its creators have even stated that the futuristic gadget – that weighs just 70g – could pave the way for buyers to control appliances for the kitchen from their wrist.  Dubbed as ‘the first real smartwatch in the world’, the gadget enables users to receive phone calls, retrieve text messages and check Twitter and Facebook feeds on the 1.5″ touchscreen. Italian creator Blue Sky has additionally developed an Apple-style marketplace for consumers to download music and apps to the watch’s 4GB hard drive.

The price for the basic watch is €249/$325. It is available in seven different colors and the company has also created a variety of luxurious ‘Jewel’ (read euro-bling) versions for a huge €11,999/$15,650.

The watch runs on the Android operating system and uses Bluetooth to connect to users’ smartphones, relaying notifications, messages and phone calls to the device. It can also be used to ‘piggyback’ on the phone’s Wi-fi to obtain access to its internet connection.  Unlike the majority of battery-guzzling smartphones, it is said that the i’mWatch can last for approximately two days between charges. Just another gimmick gadget or a useful addition to the burgeoning Android family?

i’m watch – the first real smartwatch in the world from im watch on Vimeo.

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