Verizon Plans Home Connectivity Services Expansion

In October Verizon introduced its Home Monitoring and Control service that provides simple energy management and home automation choices, and is now looking to expand its services within the next 12 months.

Verizon follows additional bug service providers, Vivint, Comcast and ADT into the remote monitoring and home control area, although with a reduced monthly fee of $10 (following an initial purchase of kits costing from $70-$220) and an energy reader that is able to report on the electricity usage of an entire house within its Energy Control and Home Monitoring and Control Kits.

Verizon will leverage the tablet platform with regard to effortless control of its services, include wireless Z-Wave based devices and more cameras, and maybe introduce digital home health items. “We’re looking at how we move forward to bring on more devices and functionality,” Ann Shaub, who is director of Verizon’s Connected Home and CPE, said.

Currently, Verizon’s service is only available to its broadband customers who are using DSL or FiOS.  An FiOS connection will get you a TV control on-screen, which provides a hassle-free method of setting ‘modes’ to turn devices off at particular times, for example. Android-based and iOS smartphone connectivity is also obtainable, but the restricted real estate on a smartphone screen restricts these devices to really be about command and control, says Shaub. Put simply, you are able to receive quick status and updates of your home and manage the thermostat as well as carry out other easy commands.


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