Sky Testing Massive Wi-Fi & Cable Broadband Roll-out

Sky has confirmed that it has tested its very own cable installations, researching the potential of skipping BT within the United Kingdom and running its own broadband network where it would have complete control.  An additional possibility – although only a rumor at this phase – is employing a massive development of The Cloud, a United Kingdom Wi-Fi hotspot service that was acquired by BSkyB at the start of the year, to bring fast shared wireless internet access straight to subscribers’ homes.

In the UK, British Telecom (who used to be owned by the government but is now a private telecoms company) operates the so called “last mile” of phone systems.  This ultimate link between the local exchange and users’ houses are the causes of a bottleneck with regard to additional DSL broadband companies, such as Sky: if they wish to carry out any kind of work on maintenance or new connections, they have to contract it out to engineers from BT as opposed to doing it themselves.

Putting in a new cable network – or structuring out a massive wireless system – would certainly involve considerable expense on Sky’s part; however the effect would be a system totally within the control of the company.  That may have a permanent financial effect, in addition to reducing customer disappointment when Sky service is interrupted and the organization needs to look at its own network as well as that of BT to be able to pin down the fault.

Inside Sky: The secret plan for better broadband – Electric Pig

“Sign here, please” – we scrawl our name and look shiftily around. We’re in one of Britain’s most secure technology centres. Sky’s broadband SNS centre is so secret, we’re not allowed to tell you where it is, in case it’s targeted by terrorists. We feel like Jack Bauer, with more child-like handwriting and some crumpled Non-Disclosure paperwork stuffed in our back pocket. Step inside with us, and see what Sky’s so desperate to keep secret.

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