Twonky Gets Personal with Recent Releases

In a recent spate of product releases, PacketVideo have extended the Twonky range to bring cutomized media content to its users in what they say is a natural method of discovery. What does that mean? Well the beta release of myTwonky, the Twonky Video app and the Twonky Music app allows access to your existing media library across the usual devices; PC, Mac, smartphone and other media receivers but also delivers fresh content from the web that matches your personal tastes. It looks like a certain amount of training is required, setting preferences and bookmarking favorites etc. to create your personal ‘radio stations’ but they aim to elimate the need to search for new content.

Auto-discovery of new media is increasingly becoming a baseline feature for content providers and if you consider the  commercial opportunities of that ‘discovery’ mechanism its not hard to see why. True auto-discovery is a difficult thing to pull off seamlessly, something Pandora was getting right several years ago, but if myTwonky gets it right they could be on to a winner.

Simply tell myTwonky what topics you are most interested in (e.g., Lady Gaga or the San Francisco Giants) and you’ll instantly receive a running stream of related videos, side-by-side with videos, music and photos from your existing library of media content.

“Nowhere else online can you aggregate both content found across the Web and personal media stored on your home network in one place. With myTwonky you can discover new music, videos and photos without ever having to type a keyword into a search bar.” – Osama Al-Shaykh, CTO, PacketVideo

Social media integration is thrown into the mix (Facebook, Flickr etc.) with usual sharing / distribution mechanisms and the promise that you will be able to access your media (music, photos and videos) stored on those networks. Where things start to get interesting is with Twonky’s patent pending Beaming technology! We don’t have much in the way of details about this technology but it apparently it will beam content from within a myTwonky account currently to any web connected device and to Airplay-enabled devices in the very near future. Support for UPnP– and DLNA-certified devices is also included.

The Beam Browser is available as a free download for both iOS and Android. Well recevied to date the app gives the user a Twonky Beam button over the media files that you are able beam to another device. See screenshot below.

One of the best ways to use Twonky Beam Browser is with Internet video, but it also works with audio and photos. Create playlists of media items across the web, continue browsing while playing media on a device and bookmark your favorite sites for future beaming.

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