Spotify’s Big News? It Wants to be an App Platform

Spotify Daniel Ek previews Rolling Stone appAfter a big fanfare last week, CEO Daniel Ek announced yesterday that Spotify was becoming a platform. They will allow third party developers to build music based apps that utilize the core of the service. It seems like everyone is jumping on the platform bandwagon at the moment, Sonos made a similar announcement eariler in the week, and in some respects it’s easy to see why; greater reach with lower development costs, free innovation and increased exposure, all combined with some overall degree of ownership.

The 13 global partners launching on the Spotify App Finder include Billboard, Fuse, The Guardian,, Moodagent, Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, Songkick, Soundrop, TuneWiki and We Are Hunted, with Top10 and ShareMyPlaylists apps coming soon. We also have three Nordic partners launching local apps, including Tunigo in Sweden which launches today, Gaffa in Denmark and Dagbladet in Norway, which will be launching local Nordic apps soon.

The free apps can be accessed through the new App Finder tool which is available as a preview from

Spotify CEO and Founder Daniel Ek said: “Once you take a look, you’ll see why we believe this is truly the beginning of something game-changing for digital music. We think this will lead to integrations that keep Spotify beautiful and simple, but layer in great musical experiences designed to be social and fun. It’s what our users have been asking us for.”

Fortune is adament that this approach is just the ticket for Spotify:

Inc. Magazine thinks that they have made the wrong decision: has a round up of the five best apps so far:

We think this will be an interesting one to watch. With enough uptake from developers this could be just the beginning for Spotify integration into everything you can imagine.


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