Rovi Rolls out new Marketing Tools to Involve the Connected Consumer

Marketers are constantly looking for new ways to attract and interact with customers, especially through TV advertising. In a major update to its Rovi Advertising Network, Rovi Corporation is aiming to provide marketers with advanced tools to get the digital home further engaged with TV advertising across the likes of connected TV, media players, set-top boxes and games consoles.

Anyone in marketing wants to get consumers to interact more fully with interesting services and products; Rovi’s new tools are directed at helping the marketers do just that. Offering immersion in related social networking activities and multimedia contact could be just the draw advertisers need to generate consumer interest in difficult economic conditions where people are making their spending choices more carefully than a couple of years ago.

A recent Smart TV study carried out by Rovi Corporation found that 80% of respondents suggested that they did notice the presence of advertisements, with a third of those choosing to click on them. With such a small sample size it is hard to make an overall judgment on how useful the data is, though if there was a high response rate then it could be a convincing argument.

80% notice the presence of ads

About 1/3 of those who noticed an ad clicked on the ad

70% provided their email address while visiting an interactive channel

1/2 called the 1.800 number whilst visiting the client’s interactive channel

86% of visitors to an interactive channel said they will visit in the future

85% visited the client’s website after visiting the interactive channel

8 out of 10 ‘liked’ on Facebook after visiting interactive channel

78% of those who visited an interactive channel said they would download a client’s app

75% who clicked/interacted had intent to purchase

97% who clicked/interacted had intent to view

Rovi/Nielsen: Smart TV Field Study Phase II, October 2011
Sample: 500, connected device owners in the U.S., age 18 -54
*Percentages are based on number of study respondents, unless otherwise stated.

Agencies, brand marketers and advertisers are the target for Rovi’s tools, with the network enabling advertisers to make an integrated media buy over a range of TV platforms. These include STBs, TVs, Blu-ray and other devices to engage, inform, interact and then, hopefully, buy.

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