Couch Commerce at Your Fingertips

Money talks and nowhere does it talk louder at the moment than eBay and PayPal, give or take the odd chat about the federal budget deficit. That’s not putting off these two giants of the online marketplace and online payments, both of whom have leading roles too in mobile commerce and payments.

The new trend, known as Couch Commerce, is being pushed by both companies to get you shopping this Thanksgiving with your Android, iPad, iPhone, tablet – basically whatever you want to use to do a spot of holiday shopping. If lying on the couch stuffed with turkey and all the trimmings is your scene, then mobile shopping could be right up your street. eBay is offering Daily Deals with discounts and free shipping for certain best-selling products.

iPad users will also be able to access a new ‘Watch with eBay’ tab on their eBay iPad app, which links up what they are watching with a selection of items on the marketplace related to that. It doesn’t matter if it’s favorite shows, specific programs or sporting events, the new app will surf relevant merchandise by using specific keyword searches.

So television commerce is advancing rapidly and new plans from eBay are to make it even easier to watch TV and shop at the same time. Future partnerships are planned with cable providers, studios, networks and stations, with the idea that the Watch with eBay app will identify various products that feature in each TV scene and flag them up for potential purchase.


The question is, is this encouraging us not to think for ourselves about what we want to buy? Do we have to be in thrall to the commercial giants who think they know what we want?



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